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By Dhruba Sen


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Source Question #3: This new district was created with the goal of a diverse individual winning the seat. There are 3 Democratic candidates and all of you fit the description that the state hoped for. So, what does racial equality mean to you? Equal opportunity or equal results? How will you make sure the diverse district of Framingham is heard and represented at the State House, if elected.

“Although the new 6th District was created as a majority-minority district based on the Census results, the majority of registered voters who will actually vote and will define this election are white” – Margareth Shepard in response to SOURCE Q & A

I am flabbergasted. This statement in practical terms translates to “Hey you minority voters – your vote won’t count”. The hallmark of leadership is to inspire, mobilize and organize those whose voice does not count – with a resounding “YES WE CAN”. With all the confusion created by redistricting and the fact that it is a non-presidential primary, this statement will dampen the spirit of the minority voters and will encourage them to sit out the election. Is this why Ms. Shepard has a volunteer team primarily consisting of white people from North Framingham?

This is no progressivism.

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By now the voters of the 6th Middlesex Legislative District are feeling the burn of redistricting fiasco. 4th Middlesex (linked with Marlborough) now has Precincts 21B, 22, 23 (21B is a subprecinct) of Framingham 19 Worcester (other boroughs, Southboro, Westboro ETC ) now has precinct 21A It used to be that higher precinct numbers were in the South side and the lower precinct numbers on the North side. It has now flipped.

The South side was labelled 7th Legislative District and the North side as 6th Legislative District. Now it is the other way around – it has flipped. South side is District 6 and North side is District 7.

You can imagine the confusion – particularly among the minority voters. While door knocking, I heard this issue again and again.

Precinct 9 has been split into 9A and 9B, with 9A in District 7 and 9B in District 6.

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To be clear, all these redistricting takes effect from Jan 2023. All these were done so that the legislator from the current Southside District 7 can be labelled “Incumbent”. I wonder if a judicial intervention will overturn the redistricting for being unconstitutional – voter disenfranchisement.

To be noted, the same legislator was a vocal opponent of a recent House Rules Amendment – which would have made committee voting public – including those who ABSTAINED, which often kills good bills. What does he have to hide? Shepard is fully on board with this, as this legislator is one of her key endorsers. This is no progressivism.

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Freedom of Information Act

Source QUESTION #6: Describe how you will handle questions and requests from the
public and the media, if elected. Be specific

“As Framingham Source can confirm, I always answer all media questions and requests to the best of my abilities. Communication is one of the key components and responsibilities of every elected official. I would never respond to bullying or respond to questions or requests from anonymous cowards who hide behind fake names and have been flooding our city with FOIA requests. I also would never answer to social media bullying and fake news, and will always do my best to help our community identify reliable sources of information. – Margareth Shepard.

This is no progressivism. This is For the Clique, By the Clique and Of the Clique. The FOIA system is For All, All means All. The message from me is “Don’t do bad things – FOIA will catch you” – instead of giving out such threats.

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I am also concerned with a candidate with the following “progressive” records

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I paused my campaign – did not drop out.

I was in severe pain during the last League of Women Voters forum.

Some Facebook heroes will never realize what an excruciating pain is which may lead to disability of a vital organ.

The only thing that Sousa had to do with my decision is that she did not make tall and at times fakes claims of progressivism.


Dhruba Sen will be on the Democratic ballot as one of three candidates for the 6th Middlesex District state representative seat along with Margareth Shepard and Priscila Sousa. Sen on Monday, August 22 announced he was pausing his campaign.

By editor

Susan Petroni is the former editor for SOURCE. She is the founder of the former news site, which as of May 1, 2023, is now a self-publishing community bulletin board. The website no longer has a journalist but a webmaster.