LETTER: Don’t Bring Non Service-Trained Dogs Into Stores

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FRAMINGHAM – I am a service dog handler and have come across several non service dogs in both Target and Walmart.

My most recent trip to Walmart I was greeted with a very rude “Coach” who told me they can only ask one question and can’t ask them to leave.

I have contacted the Framingham Board of Health and the Inspectional Services who will try to deal with the situation.

I am asking that if you don’t have a trained service dog and what I mean is if your dog isn’t trained to do an actual task (not give you comfort or emotional support) please leave it at home. You may think that it’s cute to have a dog with you while shopping but it puts those who need a service dog at risk.

According to the ADA service dogs do not go into a shopping cart. All 4 paws belong on the floor. They sit bare bottom where food goes and that is just gross.

A dog in a stroller also isn’t a service dog because it can’t do it’s job of alerting the handler of low blood sugar, grounding the handler during an anxiety attack etc. 

I will be pursuing this matter further if I keep having issues with any business that sells food that allow non service dogs inside. This is against the board of health and could cause them to be closed. I will push for this if I am forced to.

I don’t care if people lose their jobs it’s my welfare and the welfare of other handicapped people and their legitimate service dogs that I am worried about. 


Kevin Cummings


Felicia Rose Grant Program 



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