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Editor’s Note: This Q&A with Chris Grome was conducted by SOURCE intern Lucas Gustafson, a Framingham High student


Chris Grome

Hometown: Framingham

Baseball Team: Glens Falls Dragons

Baseball League: Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League

Education: Went to Framingham High School and completed his undergraduate education in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute this year with a major in aeronautical engineering. 

How did you get on the Glens Falls team? Over the winter, I reached out to my coach at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and told him I was interested in playing summer ball somewhere competitive in NY. Coach had a few connections in the  and was able to get me a contract on the Dragons in Glens Falls. 

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How has your experience playing for the Dragons been? It has been a really fun experience this summer; the laid back atmosphere of summer ball, coupled with classic upstate baseball stadiums and thousands of fans has been one of the best playing environments I will ever play in. The PGCBL does a great job in making every game very fun and interactive so we’re usually able to draw very large and enthusiastic crowds. 

What made you interested in pursuing engineering? In terms of academics, my strong interest in science stemmed from a long and internal curiosity I have always had. I’ve always wanted to know the how and the why things work, pushing my boundaries of knowledge and breaking things down to the scientific level to truly understand concepts. It shouldn’t go unnoted that this passion was also fueled by some great science fiction space movies like Interstellar and The Martian that truly gave me a visual understanding of the size and impact the universe has.

How will you continue your education in engineering? I just graduated this past spring Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical Engineering and am now pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Engineering at RPI and have already started my research this summer. This will allow me to use my last two years of athletic eligibility as well.

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What made you passionate about athletics?  Baseball has always been able to motivate me in the weight room and adds structure to my life. Being on the team with the group of guys we got is an unbelievable experience. My coaches from the first game I’ve ever played had always made it as fun as possible. My Baystate Coach’s Bobby Modica, Mike Phipps and Janet Leombruno not only convinced me to play travel ball with them that first year when I was 10, but gave me my first real taste of competitive baseball and the will to win. Framingham baseball showed me the ropes and led me on the path of pushing myself and developing the competitive edge that will drive you to success. 

What made you choose Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute? I ended up transferring to Dexter Southfield, which was a very small private school in Brookline, and was coached by Dan Donato, repeating my junior year of high school. Dexter fueled my passion in the classroom for physics and math and ultimately what is what led me to RPI. 

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What people had the greatest influence on you? The owner of Nokona Baseball Club Geoff Cuneo, my head coach Dan Sullivan, trainer Matt Healy and pitching coach Alex Ingram all changed the trajectory of my life by teaching me the value of hard work and pushing my personal boundaries. 


Photo courtesy of RPI

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