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FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham announced 23 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the City of Framingham has had 315 positive cases.

Framingham has a population of about 70,000, so the 315 cases represent less than a half percent of the City’s population.

It is unknown how many Framingham residents have been tested.

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The City said via its spokesperson it does not have “Framingham-specific information on how many of our residents are being tested.  The state receive statewide information from all testing labs on the number of tests conducted each day.  We, nor any individual community, receive community-specific information from any testing lab.”

Framingham has the most cases in MetroWest.

The Governor has said the surge in cases could hit the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Friday, April 10 through April 20.

The City of Framingham has had seven deaths since the pandemic began.

No other information was released by the City on deaths or cases.

The City has not released the age of the individuals who have died, if they were hospitalized, or if they had a pre-existing conditions. The state does release this information, but by county not by municipality.

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Twenty-one individuals have recovered as of April 17, said the City.

The City of Framingham on April 13, said “those testing positive recently for COVID-19 coming primarily from three groups: Many of the newly diagnosed COVID-19 positive cases are coming primarily from three groups.”

  1. Workers at essential businesses.
  2. Close contacts of existing cases, especially those who live with people who have already tested positive and find it difficult to isolate in their current living environment. The City is working on a solution to include housing those who have tested positive so they can
    isolate away from their household members.
  3. Residents under the State’s custody.

MCI-Framingham has 26 inmates who have tested positive as of April 14.

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SOURCE has requested the number of cases by City district and the racial and ethnic makeup of cases, as well as age ranges for cases.

SOURCE has also request the number of individual in quarantine and the City has refused to release that number on multiple requests.

SOURCE has also requested the names of nursing and senior living facilities with positive cases, and the number of cases from the City of Framingham. The City has not released that information.

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The City is not releasing any “contact tracing” information to the public, that includes nursing homes, senior facilities, supermarkets, etc.

SOURCE has been reporting on this information, as the news outlet can confirm the information.

This includes reports on Nordstrom RackWhole FoodsDunkin’Market BasketShillman HouseMary Ann Morse in Nobscot, Mary Ann Morse in NatickCVS, Saint Patrick’s ManorWaterview Lodge Rehab, etc.

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