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By Sabetha LaFontant/SOURCE intern

UMass Boston student/Framingham High graduate


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NATICK – Natick & Sherborn residents have become involved in the effort to relive the strains of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing masks to hospitals and group homes through a sewing support group.

Kelly McPherson, of Natick, took to action two weeks ago when she noticed many mothers in her online mom group were left sure with how to spend this newfound time entertaining their children when the school district was re-planning the remainder of the school year.

McPherson, who also runs a small quilting business from her home, had a closet full of fabric and sewing supplies.

She had the idea of parents and children using this time to sew masks for the medical professional in need.

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She then created 10 mask-sewing kits, put them in a bowl and left them in her driveway; posting online that they’re available for anyone wanting to take part.

Parents grabbed the sew masks kits in little time and the need for more kits grew exponentially.

People were requesting kits for their neighbors and telling their friends about it who were seeking mask-sewing kits as well.

Last week the Centers For Disease Control recommended Americans were a cloth mask while out in public.

Yesterday, Governor Charlie Baker made the same advisory.

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The Facebook group, Natick/Sherborn Sewing Supporting Group, who houses the operations of this initiative started with 35 members.

In just two weeks, this group grew to 250 members and have donated 1,200 masks to date.

McPherson has loaned 5 sewing machines thus far.

She is creating 20-30 kits a day and said she receives at least 50 mask back per day.

People have left fabrics, elastics/headbands and even snacks for healthcare workers to be donated as well.

The group has donated to medical centers like Beth Israel, New England Center for Children, and Newton Wellesley Hospital as well as local fire department and senior living buildings.

Anyone wishing to be part of this movement can join the Facebook group, Natick/Sherborn Sewing Supporting Group.

Clean 100% cotton quilt fabric and quarter-inch elastic spool donations are needed, if anyone wishes to donate.

After the pandemic, any extra materials will be donated.

“There is so much generosity from everyone and I can’t thank them enough.” McPherson


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