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Kristina Raben, age 43, who grew up in Framingham, died May 15, 2023 from an accidental drug overdose. She leaves behind her mother, Marilynn,  her father Richard and his wife Melanie, her sisters, Courtney and Elena, her niece Leila, her uncle, Alan O’Brien, her aunt Seana and her husband Mark Cahoon, her cousin, Sophie, her cousin Maureen and her husband Jim Wilson, and her “twin flame”, Drew Lodi. She was predeceased by her adored brother, Rob. She fought the good fight of addiction, depression and anxiety, but sadly in the end the battle was just too big. Kristy was committed to the recovery community, and generously tossed important lifelines to those in need.

During her short life, Kristy was a brilliant force.  She made magical moments with beloved friends and family members.  She was hilarious and had a huge, infectious, hardy laugh.  She was musically talented and played the piano, guitar, and clarinet by ear.  She was a gifted poet, prolific writer, and master artist.  In elementary school she drew a picture of Minnie Mouse and her teacher questioned whether Kristy had traced it.  Her parents clarified that the drawing was authentic and the artist was indeed their daughter. She played soccer for twelve years and loved every minute spent with her teammates.

Two lifelong friends lovingly shared their thoughts below:

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be forever changed by this wondrous woman, Kristy Raben”.

“I would be a vastly inferior person if [Kristy] never came into my life”.

Framingham Force graciously helped to create The Kristina Raben Memorial Fund.  In lieu of flowers, remembrances can be made to this memorial fund by going to the link below, or sending a remembrance to Framingham Force, P.O. Box 6033, Framingham, MA 01703. The mission of both Kristina’s fund and Framingham Force is the same:  to help those struggling with or in recovery from substance use disorder.

The date of Kristy’s memorial service is still pending.