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FRAMINGHAM – Tuesday night, Anna Cardoso-Santos rushed into the Framingham Police Station and handed her son to Framingham Police Officer Ryan Porter, praying he could get the infant to breathe.

Tonight, July 20, the Cardoso-Santos were back at the Framingham Police Station but this time to thank Officer Porter for saving their son’s life.

They did not know Officer’s Porter’s name and he did not know their names but the reunion was still joyful.

Today, July 20, Ravi Cardoso-Santos turned 2 months old, said his mom Anna. But the family was celebrating he was alive and healthy.

Tonight, Anna was thankful to have her son alive and wanted to personally thank Officer Porter.

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Cardoso-Santos said she had left the house to get her nails done when her husband called her in a panic.

“Come. Come. Come our son is not breathing,” her husband told her.

The Winthrop Street family was headed to the hospital, when they spotted the police station, and with little Ravi, still not breathing they decided to stop.

“My baby had no air,” she said at the police station. “We were going to the hospital, but then saw the police station and stopped.”

Officer Porter said the frantic couple, first went to the side door, but that is for police personnel only, and it is locked to the public.

Officer Porter said Sgt. Pomales was yelling lobby, lobby.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure what was coming into the station lobby,” said Porter.

“I come into the police and I see this guy – what’s your name?” she asked Officer Porter tonight in that same station lobby, telling her story to SOURCE media and a TV cameraman.

“This guy … heals my baby fast,” said mom.

The couple came in last night to the lobby, and the mom was holding the infant, said Officer Porter.

“It was pretty obvious (the baby was) having respiratory distress. He was blue around the mouth a little bit,” said Officer Porter. The mom “hands him to me, and he actually started breathing. But he was still coughing. And he was struggling to breathe.”

“I could tell he was still in trouble. Suddenly, he stopped breathing,” said Officer Porter. “At that point I went with my training. I put him on my forearm and I gave him some back blows. Whatever it was that was in his airway, cleared up. He started breathing on his own, starting crying & kicking. I brought him out to the ambulance that pulled up right as I got him breathing again. And off they all went to MetroWest Medical Center.”

Officer Porter is the department’s CPR trainer.

This is not the first time he has performed CPR on a human, but it is the first time he has performed infant CPR, and he hopes it is his last time too.

“It is one thing to stand up in front of 150 people. It is another different world to put it into practice. To actually see it work is fantastic. It is such a great feeling,” said Officer Porter.

“That is why I love teaching CPR. It is very important. I encourage everybody to go get CPR certified,” said Officer Porter. “You never know when you are going to be the one on the spot. It is worth having (your certification).”

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Anna said she got no sleep Tuesday into Wednesday.

“Every minute, I look at his face. No sleep No sleep. I Thank God for all the life. I thank for all the people who helped me – the hospital, the police, this guy (pointing to Officer Porter). Thank you so much.”

Anna said she was 1000% scared when she came to the police station Tuesday night, but tonight she is just grateful.

Besides, Ravi’s parents, his older brother, a Cameron Middle School student, who is 11, came to the station tonight, too.

“His heart stopped and you rescued him. You helped all of my family. You are such a hero,” said big brother.

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