LETTER: Mayor Spicer Represents City With ‘Calm and Self-Assuredness’

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FRAMINGHAM – I watched the mayoral candidates’ forum on Saturday, October 2, with interest and noticed a few things worthy of comment. There are several qualities that are important in choosing a candidate: one is temperament and another is civility.

I observed that Mayor Spicer demonstrated a tranquil demeanor; she did not take swings at her opponent, nor did she interrupt. Rather, she focused on herself and her achievements and plans. Another important issue for a candidate to be able to address is race and other isms.

Mayor Spicer was able to provide excellent answers to this particular question without becoming flustered because she is well versed and clear on these topics. I found that in this exchange, Mayor Spicer handled her participation with dignity, just as she does in all of her interactions as Mayor of Framingham.

It is critical for the continued growth of our community that we are represented by a person who is forward thinking and able to represent our city with calm and self-assuredness. Mayor Spicer is that candidate.

Esta Montano


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