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By Carlos Valadares


FRAMINGHAM – As September 14th approaches, I would like to take a moment to encourage everyone to vote by sharing what civic engagement means to me.

Voting is at the foundation of our government, and it is the most sacred right that we have as Americans.

Democracy requires our voice to function, it was designed to be led by the people.

As the citizens of Framingham, we are the boots on the ground that know the most pressing issues that need to be addressed. City Hall needs as much feedback as possible to ensure that our representatives are making decisions that reflect all of our values and goals.

Through the ballot, every individual has an opportunity to register their opinions in a space where everyone is counted as equals.

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There is no place that these opinions are more valuable than in local government.

In an election of this size, each vote can have a real impact. This is a wonderful thing, but I believe we can take this mentality with us beyond election day. I want to see our government work not only for the people, but with the people to empower the residents of Framingham.

Voting is a great way to get the pulse of the population, but this is not enough. I would like to see our elected officials on the streets, talking to people about how they can be better served.

The best way to know what the people need is to directly ask them. I believe that this is one of the most important roles of a Mayor, to project the voices of the community to make sure that they are being heard.

Framingham is full of amazing people that care about their neighbors and community.

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What I want to see is the people and government be brought together to create innovative solutions that could not be done without increased communication and coordination.

We have plenty of human capital already active in our community, now it’s time to bring everyone to the table to harness that potential.

There is so much that we can accomplish if we all speak up and come together. We need to unite community leaders and concerned citizens alike behind ideas that make Framingham a better place for everyone.

So please go out and vote on September 14th, City Hall needs your voice!


Carlos Valadares is one of three candidates for Mayor of the City of Framingham. On Tuesday, September 14, voters will narrow the field of three candidates to two, with just two names appearing on the November 2 ballot. In November voters will elect an individual for a 4-year term as Mayor.

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