Framingham Traffic Commission Asked To Deal With Winter Street Speeders

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By Molly Bronner


FRAMINGHAM – Speeding on Russell Road and Winter Street was a topic of discussion at Tuesday, July 20 Framingham Traffic Commission meeting.

The Committee specifically focused on the intersection of the two streets, in the neighborhood south of Route 9.

Drivers typically go too fast in this area, said neighbors.

Due to the lack of sidewalks in the neighborhood as well as the nearby playground, people are often crossing the road despite it being such a dangerous location, said residents..

“I think a stop sign would be our number one request,” says Teresa Richards, who lives on the corner of Winter Street and Russell Road.

The neighborhood looking for anything that would help to slow traffic in the area as a whole.

Traffic Commission chair Bill Sedewitz said the Commission plans to make Winter Street a priority.

The Commission has already talked to the Highway Department about cutting back the heavy vegetation at the intersection and plan for further action moving forward.

The next step of the Commission is to collect further data on Winter Street, focusing on accidents in the area.

The Commission will review the neighborhood again once the data is gathered.


Molly Bronner, 16, will be a junior at Framingham High School, and is a summer intern for SOURCE.


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