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NATICK – A week after curtailing Natick High School hockey, the Board of Health has given the green light for the skaters back on the ice, announced Natick High Superintendent Anna Nolin, Natick Athletic Director Tim Collins, and Natick Board of Health Jim White in a joint statement.

“After the completion of contact tracing that was done in connection with the pause of the Natick High School ice hockey program and the companion Comets programs, we are pleased to announce that we can resume Natick High ice hockey activities – both genders and all levels – beginning on Friday, January 15,” wrote the trio in a letter dated January 14.

“The pause” that began on Thursday, January 7, was a “necessary step to ensure that all contact tracing could be done to ensure the safety of everyone connected to the ice hockey program,” wrote the three.

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The hockey program at Natick High had more cOVID-19 positive cases then any other program in the district last week, when the pause began.

“If the cicumstances that led to this pause occur again, similiar steps will be taken in order for us to effectively manage contact tracing and safety protocols,” said the three leaders.

“Our desire for all program, and schools is a full return to as much play and learning as possible while balancing the health and safety paraments of the Natick Public Schools and the Town of Natick,” wrote Nolin, Collins & White.

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