After House Party of More than 100, Dover-Sherborn to Start School Year Remotely


DOVER_SHERBORN – Dover-Sherborn High School students will start the school year remotely, after police responded to a house party with more than 100 individuals this weekend, according to the school district.

Both the Dover and Sherborn Boards of Health held emergency meetings on Sunday, September 13, and made the decision that the school year would start remotely. The district was planning to start the school year in a hybrid model.

“Young people were gathered together without social distancing or face coverings, drinking to excess,” Superintendent Dr. Andrew W. Keough wrote in to parents today, September 14.

When police arrived at the scene, people scattered into the woods.

This is the second incident in MetroWest this weekend.

Lincoln-Sudbury High students will start the school yearn remotely, after Sudbury Police broke up a student party with alcohol.

“As someone who grew up in this town and was known to appreciate a good time, I understand that these young people were most likely just finding a way to be together … as far away from adults as possible. However, these are not ordinary times,” the Superintendent wrote to parents.

“In choosing to flout the rules set down by society in the pandemic, they have now put us all at risk,. We have no way of knowing the names of all of the people who attended the party or whether they might have been exposed to the coronavirus. What we do know is that there were students from a number of different communities (some private schools, some public), the party was out of control, there was a great deal of under aged drinking, and emergency personnel had to be called in to provide support,’ he wrote.

“I am incredibly disappointed that we as a community cannot control ourselves or our kids enough to keep our communities safe,” the Superintendent wrote.


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