Vice Principal Discusses Cancellation of Framingham High’s 2020 Prom

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FRAMINGHAM – While the Framingham High junior cotillion was cancelled earlier this spring, the senior prom for the Class of 2020 was not cancelled until this week.

The prom was scheduled for May 22, just days after the Governor’s latest orders on social distancing and non-essential business closed are set to expire.

There is a strong possibility that the social distancing guidelines and limits of no gatherings larger than 10 people could still be extended.

“On the cancellation of the prom: We do not expect social distancing measures to be over by the end of the summer, which is when we would reasonably be able to hold a prom,” wrote Class of 2020 Framingham High Vice Principal Greg Lagan in an email tonight, May 8.

“We would have upwards of 600 people in close quarters – we cannot see that being a viable option while simultaneously ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved even IF social distancing restrictions were loosened to allow for such a large gathering,” wrote Lagan. 

The Class of 2020 Vice Principal said the May 8 email was due to “consternation and distress over the cancelling of the prom.”

Lagan said the email was “an effort to rectify that and to provide more clarity in some of the decisions we have made.” 

Lagan said “50 State Street (the location of prom) is holding onto our deposit until an extension of the state of emergency; if that state of emergency is not extended, then 50 State Street will NOT be refunding us, but rather will be using that money as down payment for next year’s prom, which is in the same location.”

Lagan said it was “important to point out that seniors will have been graduated by June 7.” Thus the possibility of holding a Class of 2020 prom later in the calendar year could be an issue.

“At that point, they are no longer under the school’s protection in loco parentis. This means that the school really can only be involved in an advisory capacity,” wrote Vice Principal Lagan.

Framingham High School’s graduation was scheduled for Sunday, June 7. It is now on hold, due to social distancing guidelines and schools physically closed through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Lagan said “on plans to recoup students’ money: students have worked hard over the past four years to raise money so that prom’s considerable expenses were minimized thus allowing more students to participate. We hope that 50 State Street will do the right thing and provide us with a full refund. We would like the Class of 2020 to be able to use the money. Therefore, we are hoping to help the class officers open an account that they would manage. This account could be used for events this summer, should we have the money by then and distancing measures allow it or for epic reunions in the future. Those decisions would be up to the class leaders.”

Lagan said City of Framingham’s ” Department of Public Health, appropriately, is vetting all of our plans in minute detail – including the senior check-out plans that we recently sent out. For everyone’s safety, there are restrictions on who is allowed to be on hand and required personal protective equipment (PPE).”

Lagan concluded his email Friday night with “please know that nobody planned for this pandemic and we are all managing as best we can. It is not easy for anyone, but we fight on.”


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