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Mayra Nieves and Luciane Costa are a Medical Secretary and Office Manager respectively at MetroWest Medical Center.  Mayra has been at the hospital for 32 years and Luciane 13 years, but she left for 3 years and has been back for 3 months!  Mayra says she enjoys working in the health care industry because it allows her to nurture her desire to help others.  Luciane has a strong desire to help the non-English speaking community in Framingham.  They both thoroughly enjoy working with their coworkers and enjoy coming to work every morning knowing they are surrounded by such a great team. Luciane also says the feeling of having your ‘mission accomplished’ at the end of the day is important. She enjoys knowing that she was able to make even a small difference in somebody’s life.  Outside of work, Mayra loves spending time with her grandkids and the rest of my family. Luciane loves going to the beach with her husband and her three children.