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The City of is launching a new communication tool to connect residents and businesses with their government.

This week, the City of Framingham is launching a WhatsApp Group channel in Portuguese.

WhatsApp is an internationally available cross-platform, instant messaging and voice-over IP services owned by Meta. It allows users to send text and voice messages but it also allows governments or businesses to share images, documents, and other content. With more than 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is a fast, easy, and secure communication – and now, you can use it to connect with the City of Framingham With the City of Framingham WhatsApp, residents who speak Portuguese can enjoy a more transparent interaction with the City.

The City will be pushing out important news like road closures, water main breaks, city events, trash pickup delays, and more in the Brazilian WhatsApp Group in Portuguese. “We’re excited to enhance the City’s communication network with a quick, efficient service that meets the expectations of tech-savvy residents, in Portuguese,” said City of Framingham Public Information Officer Susan Scully Petroni. “ This is just another tool in the City’s communication toolbox. With the new WhatsApp, individuals will be able to be connected with the City directly and be informed of the latest news.

Also, this month, the City of Framingham began issuing press releases, that are translated into scores of languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Haitian Creo, Hindu, Punjabi, Arabic, etc. “The more news the City can produce in multiple languages, the better-connected residents are with City services,” said Mayor Charlie Sisitsky. We can’t wait to start connecting with you! Join the City of Framingham WhatsApp Group. To connect with the City of Framingham WhatsApp, scan the QR code or click here.