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FRAMINGHAM – The Framingham City Council unanimously approved a salary re-classification for the City Clerk position on Tuesday night, February 7.

The current maximum salary for the Framingham City Clerk is $114,900.

The Council voted unanimously to make the City Clerk salary $129,998, a 13% increase.

City Clerk Lisa Ferguson will received the new salary retroactively to the start of Fiscal Year 2023 – July 1, 2022.

The City Clerk’s office is the only municipal office that falls under the jurisdiction of the legislative branch of government, the City Council.

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Prior to Tuesday night’s vote, research was done to compare salaries of city clerks in other cities.

The research also compared the salaries of city clerk, where there is a birthing hospital in their community. (see chart below)

  • Average salary for all cities was $120,963
  • Average salary for birthing communities was $121,020.
  • Average salary of two geographically closest cities most comparable (Newton and Waltham) was $128,280

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City Council finance subcommittee chair George P. King Jr. said the finance subcommittee recommended the increase.

King said it was an unusual position advocating for us to spend more money.”

“In the scheme of things, I think it is fair,” said Councilor King.

King said the clerk position, which he once held, has traditionally been underpaid, as it was an elected position.

When Framingham became a City, it became an appointed position.

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Also in this fiscal year, the City Council agreed to reclassify the assistant city clerk position from M8 to S1.

The City Council created a new elections supervisor position within the City Clerk’s office.

The position is classified at the M8 level.

The justification for the position was an increase in City Precincts from 18 to 27 (plus sub-precincts), an increase in population & registered voters, and a change in election laws.

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