OPINION: The Republican Party Needs To Grow Up

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By Vincent Errichetti

FRAMINGHAM – The Republican Party Needs to Grow Up. 

You can’t throw money at a problem. You can’t just have a small clique. You can’t just appeal to single issue voters. It’s the economy stupid. All politics is local. 

These were the political lessons we learned in the nineties.  While both parties learned them differently, many of us felt the Republican Party understood them best and took them to heart. 

If we look to the 2022 midterms, that Republicans won btw, the victory was soft because the Party, and by Party I mean the Republican Party leadership and infrastructure, forgot or never learned these lessons. And they wasted energy fighting each other over who got credit, before securing the victory. 

While mail in ballots have turned into a monster unto themselves, early and absentee voting has always been around.  Republicans seem to think GOTV (Get Out The Vote) now means Get Out Those Voicemails.  Or worse, text messages. 

Money alone in politics is not enough anymore; our fractured media system has minimized that. 

Winning in the political arena will always rely more on work, smart strategy and coalitions than blindly spending money. 

It is time the Republican Party is run by experts, not political hacks with the right blue bloodline.  The Adolescence of the Republican Party is over. 


Vincent A.J. Errichetti is the former Political DIrector of the Massachusetts Republican Party, Retired Political Consultant, and current owner of Errichetti Media, a DIgital Marketing Company managing Taste Of Massachusetts Brands


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