Policy Change: Student ID Required To Attend Athletic Events at Bowditch Field & New Bathroom Policy For Flyers Games

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FRAMINGHAM – Framingham High School students will not be allowed to enter any Bowditch event without their school issued identification, announced Framingham High today, October 26.

Any student fan asked to produce a school identification who is unable to do so can be asked to leave, said the administration & athletic department.

Framingham High will host Needham High on Friday, October 28 at Bowditch Field

“Framingham Public Schools are not allowing any balls, drinks, pets, or bags to enter Bowditch Field. All student pocketbooks and handbags at school sponsored events are subject to search at the discretion of the Framingham Public School Staff. No students will be allowed to bring backpacks into Bowditch Field for any reason. Anyone who is observed throwing any object inside the Bowditch complex whether toward the field or not will be subject to removal from the game,” announced the administration.

“It is mandatory for parents/guardians or caregivers of Middle School and Elementary School students to be in attendance at games with their children. Students should not be running around the facility unattended. All spectators should be in the bleachers to view the game,” said the Athletic Department today, October 26.

Bathroom policy will be one in and one out with no groups of students entering at once, announced Framingham High.

Adults will be considered part of the one in and one out policy, said the high school.

Loitering in common areas or underneath the stands is not allowed during the game, said the high school.

Once students leave the game no re-entry is not permitted, said the high school.

“Finally, students should not be waiting for rides at the end of the game. Park and Recreation Staff are required to clean the facility and turn out the lights. Shifts for all security including Framingham Police and FPS staff will end approximately 20 minutes after the conclusion of the game,” said Framingham High.

Framingham Public Schools understands the unifying effect that Athletics has on our community. For the safety of the players, their families and all of our fans we encourage you to root for the Flyers with class and poise. These guidelines are intended to achieve that end, said the Athletic Department.


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