Only 35% of Framingham Public School Students Have COVID Vaccine


FRAMINGHAM – According to the Framingham Public Schools, only 35% of the district’s 9,266 students have received their COVID-19 vaccine.

The district said more than 6,000 students have not been vaccinated.

Children age 5 and older are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Framingham Public Schools reported more than 500 COVID cases this week, which is more than 36% of the 1,391 cases reported during the 2021-2022 school year.

SOURCE requested COVID vaccine data by school from the public school district for both students and for staff.

Staff are required to tell the school district if they are vaccinated or not.

Families are not required to inform the school district if they are vaccinated.

For that reason, the numbers the school district supplied to the news outlet mat be lower than the actual number of students vaccinated.

Pediatricians and providers do report vaccines of individuals age 5 to 17 to the Commonwealth.

Framingham High School has the highest percentage of students vaccinated at 65%.

The district has 1,651 students out of 2,516 students have received their vaccination.

In comparison, Ashland High is at 86% vaccinated as of Friday, January 14.

For staff at Framingham High, the percentage is higher at 78.8%, with 324 out of 411 staffers with the vaccine.

Walsh Middle School has the next best COVID vaccine rate at 54.5%.

The district said 428 out of 785 students have received their vaccine.

Ninety-Three percent of staff or 116 out of 124 Walsh staff members have the vaccine.

Cameron Middle School has the third highest vaccine rate for students at 48.5%. The district said 275 out of 567 students have the vaccine.

Seventy-nine percent of Cameron staff or 94 out of 119 staff members have received the vaccine.

At Fuller Middle School, 37% of the students have received the vaccine or 235 students out of 623 students.

Only 3 staff members at Fuller Middle do not have their vaccine (119 out of 122 staff).

The vaccinate rate at that middle school is 97.5%.

None of the students at BLOCKS preschool have received their vaccination, according to the school district. There are 286 BLOCKS preschool students. Keep in mind most students at BLOCKS are not eligible for the vaccine as they are age 5 or younger.

Staff at the preschool is at 92% vaccinated or 79 out of 86 staff members.

No students at Thayer campus have been vaccinated, according to the district. There are 72 students.

Staff at the Thayer campus is 90% vaccinated or 10 out of the 11 staff members.

Harmony Grove Elementary School has the worst percentage for elementary students with the vaccine at 2.82% of the students vaccinated.

The district said just 15 students out of 531 students have received a vaccine.

For staff, the vaccine rate at Harmony Grove is 94% or 79 out of 84 staff members.

Vaccination rates for the district’s elementary schools:

  • Harmony Grove Elementary – 2.82% vaccinated – 15 students out of 531 have been vaccinated
  • Barbieri Elementary – 11.06% vaccinated – 75 students out of 678 students have been vaccinated
  • McCarthy Elementary – 11.49% vaccinated – 58 out of 505 students have been vaccinated
  • Stapleton is at 14.7% vaccinated – 48 out of 325 students have been vaccinated
  • Brophy Elementary is at 15.5% vaccinated – 72 students out of 466 have been vaccinated
  • Potter Road Elementary is 15.8% vaccinated – 87 out of 550 students have been vaccinated
  • Dunning Elementary is at 20% vaccinated – 87 students out of 431 students have been vaccinated
  • Hemenway Elementary is at 23% vaccinated – 123 students out of 534 students have been vaccinated
  • King Elementary is at 24% vaccinated – 94 students out of 388 students have been vaccinated

In comparison, Ashland’s elementary schools are both at more than 50% vaccinated.

Below is a chart of vaccination rates for staff by school, as supplied by Framingham Public Schools.


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