5 Things You Need To Know Today in Framingham: Friday, December 3, 2021

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1 Tonight is the 30th Annual Holiday Tree Lighting in downtown Framingham. All are invited to attend. Click here for all the details.

2. It is opening night for Puffs at Walsh Middle School. Tickets are still available for tonight’s and Saturday night’s show.

3. The battle for the District 3 City Council seat was in court yesterday. No decision was made. All parties will be back in court on Monday at 10 a.m. at Massachusetts Superior Court in Woburn.

Steiner’s attorney is seeking the “Court issue a temporary restraining order and/or injunction, ordering that no special election be held until judicial review of the ballots and materials listed.”

On election night, November 2, the unofficial results had City Council Vice Chair Adam Steiner with 997 votes and Feeney with 995 votes.

Feeney filed for a recount. On Tuesday, November 16 a recount was held and Feeney picked up 2 votes, making it a virtual tie at 997 votes each.

City Clerk Ferguson said the tie meant there was a “failure to elect.” She said that would be the official city election result “until a court decides otherwise.”

Steiner filed a suit last Tuesday against the City of Framingham Clerk Lisa Ferguson and the City of Framingham Board of Registrars, appointed by the Mayor.

His attorney is asking for two votes awarded to Feeney during the recount be declared blanks and for a judge to declare Steiner the winner of the election.

Steiner’s attorney is also seeking to stop a special election.

4. No CITY of FRAMINGHAM meetings today.

According to the Mayor’s publicly posted schedule, Mayor Yvonne Spicer has no public events today, but the calendar is typically wrong and she is expected to attend the tree lighting tonight.

5. Saturday is the Framingham High School Holiday marketplace.



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