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FRAMINGHAM – Former Framingham City Councilor Charlie Sisitsky and Mayor Yvonne Spicer advanced to the Tuesday, November 2 election.

Voters will choose between the two individuals for Mayor for a 4-year term.

Mayor Spicer is seeking re-election, but finished second today, September 14 in the preliminary election to Sisitsky. The two individuals with the most votes advances.

The City Clerk’s office just released unofficial numbers at 9:53 p.m.

But finishing second was a blow to the Spicer campaign, as Sisitsky received more than 4,401 votes, and Spicer received less than 2,000 votes – 1938.

Roughly, 16% of the City’s 39620 voters took part in the election today – 6,727 individuals cast their vote.

Sisitsky, a former Selectman, won 16 of the 18 Precincts today.

Sisitsky also won eight of the 9 City districts, only losing in District 9.

Precincts 16 and 17 – which comprise District 9 – had the lowest turnout in the City with just 6% and 4%.

One-third of the City’s 18 Precincts had more than 20% voter turnout.

Framingham businessman Carlos Valadares finished third with 363 votes.

In the District 7 City Council race, the two women will advance to the November 2 ballot in the 4-way race today.

Leora Mallach topped the ticket, with Magda Janus second.

Mallach received 244 votes. Janus received 126 votes.

Eugene Grzywna finished third with 93 votes. Joseph Hansberry finished fourth with 48 votes.

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“Tonight’s results are a really important milestone. Our City is at a crossroads with a clear
choice in which direction we can head towards. The new perspective and fresh sense of
urgency I offer, alongside my professional municipal experience and a desire to work together
was validated tonight,” said Sisitsky.

“I promise to continue to outline how if elected your next Mayor I will tackle the many issues facing our community such as pandemic management and recovery, better government and civic engagement, our schools, our seniors and the environment. People are rightfully concerned about the fiscal crisis, rising water and sewer bills, and the current lack of professional municipal expertise amidst the departure of so many department heads and other key individuals and volunteers in the Mayor’s administration. This commitment by the voters for positive the change I am offering is reflected in today’s election results,” said the former long-term Selectman Sisitsky.

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“I don’t take a single vote for granted,” said Spicer. “I am honored and humbled by the support I have received and I am focused on talking to Framingham voters about the issues that matter for all of us and running a clean campaign. I’m disappointed by the low turnout in today’s election. The issues of this campaign impact the everyday lives of hardworking people across our city.”

“Framingham voters now have a clear choice to make this November. Framingham today is more diverse, financially secure, and accessible than ever. We have taken a stand for workers rights; for good jobs; and for opportunity for all. We must choose to move forward to a city that works for all.  I know we can do better, and I know my neighbors and countless others I meet every day are ready to roll up our sleeves and work for a Framingham where everyone has a seat at the table and can have their voices heard,” said Spicer. “I will continue to work every single day as your Mayor, keeping us on track during this election and striving to build on today’s momentum.  I am grateful to those who did come out to vote for me and to every person who has worked on my campaign team. I ask for your vote in November to build a Framingham that works for all.”

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Mayor Spicer received almost 6,000 votes in her first preliminary election in 2017, and more than 9,000 votes when she won in November 2017.

The last preliminary election for Mayor drew about 27% of the City voters. Today was just under 17%.

“I want to congratulate Carlos Valadares for his hard work campaigning over the last several
months and his commitment to our community,” said Sisitsky.

“I also want to extend an enormous and heartfelt “thank you” to the many supporters from all
across our community’s nine districts who helped me get to this point in our campaign, and for
all their efforts to-date. Tonight’s results show that people desperately want to see more
collaboration and constructive work coming out of the Memorial Building and a professional
collective team effort to focus on the many challenges we face as a community,” said Sisitsky. “Most of all, I express my deepest gratitude to all who came out to vote. It is my sincerest vow to work tirelessly to reach everyone in our community, so that those who have different views on issues might reach common ground with each other for the better of our community and that I can work to earn their vote on November 2.”

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This deep inspiration gives me hope for all of us here in Framingham. I look forward to continuing my work standing up and speaking out on the issues and policies that so many in our community believe will improve Framingham and the livelihood of our residents for both the short and long-term. I am greatly humbled by the support our campaign has received so far, yet we still have much work to do. The road ahead leading to November’s election will be long. During this time, I look forward to continuing to focus on Framingham,” said Sisitsky.

SOURCE contacted Spicer, Mallach, & Janus are still awaiting their statements.

SOURCE will be updating this breaking news report later.

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