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FRAMINGHAM – The Coburnville-Tripoli Neighborhood Association elected a new President, officers, and board last month.

The Association, located in South Framingham, held its first in-person meeting in more than a year at Anna Murphy Park on April 28.

At the meeting Tripoli resident Andrea Dunne Adrian was elected the Association’s president. She is just the second-ever president of the Association.

AnnMarie DeMarini was the Association’s first-ever president. DeMarini, a Coburnville resident, will now serve in the newly-created president emeritus post on the board.

According to the bylaws, purpose of the Coburnville-Tripoli Neighborhoods Association is to strengthen the relationship amongst and between its residents and businesses and advocate on behalf of its residents and businesses with municipal leaders and officials. The Association also hold social events.

The kick-off event for the Association, created in early 2019, was a free block party at Roosevelt Park on Fay Road, attended by close to 400 individuals.

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Coburnville resident Jane Abro was elected to serve as vice president.

John Stefanini and Faith Riva were re-elected as secretary and treasurer.

Re-elected as Board members were Mario Alvarez, Jessica Barnhill, Judith Grove, Nancy Marquez, and Susan Petroni.

New Board members elected were Shannon Stevens, Mary-Ann Leialoha Tratchel, and Amy Williams.

The Association voted to create two Board positions for business owners and a Board position for the Brazilian-American Center (BRACE)

The Association elected Andrea Dooley from Framingham Baking Company to the Board.

Currently, open Board positions include the BRACE seat, a business owner seat, technology officer, and three general seats for residents who live in the neighborhood.

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The neighborhood is defined as: “These two neighborhoods have traditionally been geographically defined as the area in Framingham from the Ashland border at the Boston and Albany Railroad line along the tracks behind Waverly Street to the rail spur at Cedar Street onto Claflin Street and turning south onto Hollis Street continuing along its right side to Waushakum Lake behind Nipmuc Road across the Lake to the Ashland border near Daisley Place following it across back to the starting point.”

Membership in the Association shall be open to “any individual, family, business or organization, that (a) subscribes to the purposes of the Association and (b) owns or leases property, or operates a business or organization in Framingham within a quarter of a mile of the neighborhoods for which the Association was incorporated.”

The Membership dues is $5 annually. The Association waived dues in 2020 due to the pandemic, but will be collecting annual dues at its June 2021 meeting.

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Also at the April 24 meeting, the Association change several bylaws.

The bylaw changes approved included:

  • Creating President Emeritus position, the two board seats for business owners, and the BRACE seat.
  • Expand the Board to up to 15 members
  • Limit board members to 3 consecutive 3-year terms
  • Limit President and Vice President to a 2-year term
  • Limit the two business owner and BRACE seats to 1-year terms, but not longer than 3 consecutive terms
  • Create 5 permanent subcommittees

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The five subcommittees created are:

  1. Nomination
  2. Social
  3. Membership, Outreach & Diversity
  4. Traffic & Public Safety
  5. Environmental

The president will appoint chair or co-chairs for the subcommittee, but any member can participate on any subcommittee.

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Editors note: I am a founding members and serve on the Board for the Coburnville-Tripoli Neighborhood Association. Report was updated on Sunday, May 2 at 12:30 p.m. to fix typo.

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Susan Petroni is the former editor for SOURCE. She is the founder of the former news site, which as of May 1, 2023, is now a self-publishing community bulletin board. The website no longer has a journalist but a webmaster.