15 Businesses at Natick Mall Reported COVID Positive Employee in March

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NATICK – Seventeen Natick businesses reported a COVID positive employee during the month of March, according to the Natick Health Department.

Businesses in the Natick reported COVID positive employees to the Natick Health Department 23 times in March 2021.

Fifteen of the 23 cases were at the Natick Mall.

Both Wegmans and Nordstrom reported three COVID positive employees in March.

There are more than 100 establishments at the Natick Mall.

The Commonwealth also has a mass vaccination site at the Natick Mall in the former Sears location.

By law, any establishment that has a positive COVID employee is required to notify the Marlborough Health Department.

Since the Town of Natick has not been publishing this information for the public, and establishments have not always been transparent, either, the news outlet asked for the list.

On April 5, SOURCE filed a Massachusetts Public Records request (FOIA) for a list of all businesses in the City of Marlborough that had a COVID positive employee. SOURCE also made similar requests to Ashland Board of Health, Natick Board of Health and Framingham Health Departments.

Ashland responded the quickest within 5 hours on the same day of the request.

The City of Marlborough responded with 72 hours and provided a list of four businesses on April 8 before 1 p.m.

The City of Framingham responded on April 16.

The Town of Natick was to have responded to the request within 10 business days by law on April 20. The response came today, April 21 around 12:30 p.m.

The following Natick businesses reported a positive COVID employee:

  • March 2 – Wegmans – Natick Mall
  • March 2 Nordstrom – Natick Mall
  • March 3 – Stop & Shop
  • March 10 – Nordstrom – Natick Mall
  • March 11 – Macys – Natick Mall
  • March 11 – Nordstrom – Natick Mall
  • March 12 – Bank of America
  • March 16 – Wegmans – Natick Mall
  • March 16 – Apple Store – Natick Mall
  • March 16 – American Eagle – Natick Mall
  • March 18 – Aerie – Natick mall
  • March 19 – Forever 21 – Natick Mall
  • March 24 – Nordstrom – Natick Mall
  • March 25 – Forever 21 – Natick Mall
  • March 28 – Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza
  • March 29 – Planet Fitness
  • March 29 – Wegmans – Natick Mall
  • March 30 – Seven-Eleven

The following businesses reported COVID positive employees, but no dates were available:

  • Cheesecake Factory – Natick Mall
  • MathWorks
  • Victoria’s Secrets – Natick Mall
  • Home Depot
  • Eastern Insurance

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