UPDATED: GoFundMe For Framingham Family: Mom Died in February & Dad Needs Lung Transplant After Diagnosis With Heart Failure


FRAMINGHAM – A Framingham family needs the community’s support.

“Tragedy hits most every family once, some more and the lucky ones never. The Tivnon Family has had more than their fair share and are in need of the Framingham community,” wrote Tara Foynes, in creating a GoFundme to help the family.

“Scott, Christine, Matt & Ryan were once your average family of four.  Christine was an RN, Scott was a locksmith,” she wrote.

“After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) Christine was no longer able to work. Eventually Scott was unable to maintain steady work while Christine required around the clock care in their home. He raised 2 boys by himself with no extended family to help. Over the last 10 yrs Scott, Ryan & Matt have taken full care of Christine while she was bedridden. The boys had to grow up real fast. At a young age they had to learn how to cook and clean for themselves, get themselves to/from school and care for their mother when Scott had to work,” wrote Foynes.

Sadly, Christine lost her 15-year battle with MS on February 28, 2020. 

“The loss of their mother was devastating but Scott used the time that they normally would have had to care for Christine to spend with the boys. He took them on all day kayaking trips at Hopkinton State Park, BBQ’d with them, just enjoying each other’s company.  Life without Christine was sad but they were moving forward and making plans for the future,” wrote Foynes.

“Over the past few months Scott’s health began to decline. He was recently admitted to Framingham Hospital and diagnosed with congestive heart failure & a lung transplant.  No health insurance is a problem here. The boys Matt & Ryan are home. Ryan is only 2 years out of high school. He is working but does not make enough to support him and his brother Matt who is still a student at Keefe Tech High School.,” wrote Foynes.

“Right now these boys need to pay the mortgage, buy food, heat/hot water, keep the electricity on, etc.  This all happened so fast that the boys hadn’t even gotten their drivers licenses yet but are currently working on it.  For now, getting to the grocery store or visiting their dad at the hospital by Uber is just another additional expense they can’t afford,” wrote Foynes.

UPDATED: The goal was increased to $15,000, when the $10,000 was raised.

“My boys Ryan and Matthew & I wish to Thank all of you. Your generosity is greatly appreciated . It has choked me up so much I am at a loss for words. We thought we were in this alone but could get through this cause we had each other. Turns out we are not in this alone we have you. A total strangers support . That support may have given me the strength to beat this So again THANK YOU may you all be blessed with Health and Happiness for in the end that’s all that really counts,” wrote Scott Tivnon on September 4.

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“Please let’s help this local family get through this and not feel alone.  Help Ryan and Matt stay in their home . The future may be uncertain but the immediate need is not.  Any way you can help is greatly appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a cash donation. A gift card to a local grocery store or a Walmart/Target type store where there’s food and other items they may need, meal prep, take-out w delivery, whatever you can offer is greatly appreciated,” concluded Foynes.


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