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FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham reported 59 new COVID-19 cases today, April 24.

With the 59 new cases, Framingham now has 574 positive coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

Since the pandemic began, Framingham has had 11 COVID-19 fatalities, said the City.

Of the new cases, the City said nine are from long-term care facilities.

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“With 101 cases recovered and 11 fatalities, Framingham currently has 462 active cases,” said the City in a press release.

In addition to long term care and skilled nursing facilities, many of the
new cases in the last couple of weeks are connected to household members who tested positive earlier, said the City of Framingham in a press release.

“To reduce transmission within the same household of people newly diagnosed, the Health Department identifies residents whose living conditions do not support appropriate levels of isolation and offers temporary housing and meals at local hotels,” said the City in a media release.

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“The bottom line is that people transmit this virus,” said Dr. Sam Wong, Director of the Framingham Health Department. “While our numbers of newly diagnosed residents grow daily, sometimes dramatically, many of these new cases come from people being exposed to the virus while residing with others who’ve been diagnosed and cannot properly isolate. The steps people are taking to socially distance themselves, wear cloth face coverings, stay at home, wash their hands, and sanitize surfaces are working. Our numbers would likely be much higher if these steps were not taken.”

The surge is not over in Massachusetts.

For the first time since the pandemic began, the state reported more than 3,000 cases.

After two days of reporting positive cases in the 1,500s, the state reported on April 23, the number jumped to 3,079.

The state also reported 178 new deaths.

Massachusetts is “still very much in the grip of the pandemic,” said Gov. Baker this week.

There is no cure and no vaccine, reminded the Governor, speaking at a press conference.

Massachusets Governor Charlie Baker had said the surge in COVID-19 cases was expected between April 10 and April 20.

Washington DC has said Boston is on the nation’s hot spots for COVID-19.

Massachusetts is third behind New York and New Jersey for positive coronavirus cases in the United States.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is reporting a total of 46,023 positive cases since the pandemic began, as of April 23.

Really important for people to understand what is at stake, said Gov. Baker.

“Doing it wrong could create more hardship in the long run,” said the Governor.

“We are in this together Massachusetts,” said Gov. Baker. “We will come out of this stronger.”

As of Thursday at 4 p.m., the state has tested 180,462 individuals.

Yesterday, was the largest day for tests – 14,614.

Since the pandemic began, the Commonwealth is now reporting 2,360 deaths.

(Editor’s Note: The state report does say the deaths it reports every 24 hours may not have happened in the last 24 hours.)

Governor Baker said the number of hospitalization in the Commonwealth is still increasing. he called it a “modest increase, but an increase.”

Middlesex County has the most positive cases at 10,724.

The United States now has the post confirmed cases worldwide at 856,209, as April 23 at 3:30 p.m.

Worldwide, there are more than 2.68 million confirmed cases.

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