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Josiah Moyer has recently joined MetroWest Medical Center as Director for Facilities and Support Services. As the department director, three areas fall to Josiah’s responsibility: Facilities (all things buildings and grounds); Cleanliness (as the Director for the Housekeeping department); and Security (as the contract client over the security contract with Allied Security).  In his role, he makes sure that the building presents well, and is a safe, clean and attractive space that meets all the required codes and standards required by the Joint Commission, City, State and any other regulatory bodies. Josiah makes sure that all the items a building provides to patients, staff and visitors are always available, such as air conditioning, heat, water, power, medical gases and other important resources.

“I find my job rewarding knowing that I am part of a team that helps to create a place where people from the community can come and take their personal journey to healing.  We never truly know what the actual conditions are at home for our patients. We may be first place in days, weeks or months where they have warmth, or safety, or a meal, or even a person that actually cares about their wellbeing. We do that every day here, and that matters,” says Josiah.

Prior to coming to MetroWest, Josiah worked at McLean Hospital Southeast in Middleborough. He has a number of years in the profession: 15 years in various hospital facilities management leadership positions and 13.5 years enlisted in the Navy prior to that.

When he’s not working, Josiah loves to walk/jog, spend time with his son (who just graduated high school). He is currently growing tomatoes in his small garden at home and enjoying bringing his rose bushes back to health.  Josiah grew up in Florida so he enjoys all the summer activities such as dinner on an outside patio with friends, going to the beach or the lake, and all the rest that come with warm weather.  He also feels strongly that “coffee should ALWAYS be served hot, never iced!”