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FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham is advertising for individuals to apply for a seat on the 5-member Framingham Planning Board.

The Framingham Planning Board is responsible for guiding growth and development in the community.

In accordance with Massachusetts State Law, the Planning Board shall be responsible for, but not limited to:


  • Preparation, adoption, amendments, and the implementation of a Master Plan for the City of Framingham under M.G.L. c. 41, Section 81D.
  • Preparation of an official Zoning Map under M.G.L c. 41, Section 81E
  • Draft and submittal of zoning amendments for consideration by the City Council (M.G.L. c. 40A, Section 5).
  • Adoption, administration, and amendments of the Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land in Framingham (M.G.L c. 41, Section 81K).
  • Special Permit Granting Authority, when applicable.
  • Site Plan Review approval, when applicable.
  • Administer Public Way Access Ordinance, when applicable.
  • Recommend the designation of scenic roads and hold public hearings on requests regarding the Scenic Roads Act.
  • Acts as an adviser on other municipal land use regulations.
  • Land use and development reviewing and planning body.


Members are responsible for:

  • Reviewing Site Plan Review, Special Permit, Approval Not Required (ANR), Preliminary Subdivision, Definitive Subdivision, Scenic Roadway Modification, Public Way Access Permit applications that have been submitted for review by a landowner or
  • Maintaining, reviewing & updating the City’s Master Land Use Plan, Subdivision Rules and Regulations, and Zoning By-Laws, in addition to other land-use plans
  • Developing planning studies related to land use, transportation, housing, and economic development
  • Working as a team to meet the goals of a Plan-Build-Grow Model of Development

Interested applicants, should have basic knowledge of zoning by-laws and land use policies and a working knowledge of Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.)

Interested applicants should have an understanding of construction, engineering, architecture, zoning, permitting, and/or land-use policies

Applicants should be invested in the development and redevelopment of Framingham to ensure proper growth occurs by employing best practices in land use policies and zoning ordinances, provide a variety of housing options, work collaboratively with landowners and business owners on land use proposals and applications while maintaining a balance that provides for the preservation of open space and recreational opportunities.

The Framingham Planning Board meets usually on Thursday evenings, at least twice a month.

The deadline to apply is Saturday, June 8, at 11:59 p.m.

To apply, visit this link: Form Center • Boards, Committees, Commission, Officers Application (

The Mayor will review the applications submitted by the deadline, and then make nominations to the City Council. Current members are encouraged to re-apply but are not guaranteed re-appointment.

There is a full member seat through June 30, 2027 available.

The City Council, as the legislative division of City Government, has 30 days to approve or reject the Mayor’s nominee.

Questions about the Committee can be directed to Framingham Citizen Participation

Officer Nicole Horton-Stimpson at or by calling 508-532-5510.