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FRAMINGHAM – After receiving feedback from parents, staff, teachers, and District 3 School Committee member Jenn Moshe Framingham Public School Superintendent Bob Tremblay said he will eliminate a plan to have late start days for the 2023-24 school year.

The School Committee did not vote on the calendar at its February 1 meeting tonight.

A final vote could come as early as February 15 or as last as March 1.

Supt. Tremblay said he heard from working parents that the late starts are an issue.

“This is one of those classic examples of intent versus impact,” said Superintendent Tremblay.

Tremblay said the impact is that with the busing situation in the district, the school day would start late, and could be even later for some kids, due to late buses, that they may decide not to show up at all on these later days.

Under the late start proposal, some students would not even start school until as late as 11:15 a.m., if the NRT bus arrived on time.

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“I think in the perfect world of the buses of all 77 buses were rolling and students were arriving at on time, this might be a different conversation and hopefully it will be a different conversation at some point in the future. Cause I do think the concept,where I’ve seen it happen can work well for staff,” said Supt. Tremblay to School Committee member tonight, February 1.

“But I think there’s a practical matter in this community at this time, given our challenges with busing, I think it makes sense to roll that back,” said Supt. Tremblay about the proposed late start days.

The Superintendent said he was going to take the feedback from the School Committee and the elimination of the late start days and came up with school calendar 2023-24 2.0 and submit that to the School Committee for a vote.

He said he had a meeting with the faculty senate on February 14, and hoped he could get a version to the School Committee by February 15, but it may have to be the first meeting in March.

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