Nardizzi Brothers A Force For the Rams at Framingham State

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By Danielle Achin


FRAMINGHAM – With floodlights illuminating the field and the whistles blowing from all directions, the Framingham State men’s soccer team collectively walk off the field to their after practice group huddle. Another day in the books playing soccer for the Nardizzi brothers.

Jared and Bryce Nardizzi both started playing soccer at the age of 4, simply kicking a ball around in their backyard.

With both brothers growing up kicking the ball back and forth to each other, it was no surprise they wanted to continue their athletic career playing at a collegiate level.

Bryce Nardizzi is currently 24 years old and is in his graduate year at Framingham State University, while his younger brother Jared Nardizzi is 22 and is in his senior year at the University.

Jared Nardizzi said playing soccer at Framingham State was the ultimate reason he attended the University, and was the only University he looked into.

Bryce Nardizzi said, “Playing soccer at Framingham State definitely influenced my decision, I wanted to play on a team no matter what college I choose.”

Jared Nardizzi is currently one of the co-captains for the team this season alongside senior Kunphel Sinha.

The Rams are led by Head Coach Dean Nichols, who happens to be the Nardizzi brother’s uncle.

Nichols began his career coaching soccer in 1996, and has been a coach at Framingham State since 2003.

The most rewarding part of his coaching career has been being part of a team and trying to work collectively to be as successful as possible, said the head coach.

Having the opportunity to be part of the same team as his nephews has been one of the most rewarding experiences in his coaching careers, said Nichols.

This isn’t the first time a Nardizzi has played for Coach Nichols. In 2019, Nichols coached oldest of the four Nardizzi brother – Bryant Nardizzi.

Nichols praised Bryant Nardizzi for his leadership in 2019 saying, “he was a force when he was on the field.”

Jared Nardizzi was a freshman at the time his older brother led the team as captain that year, and Nichols said he believes he learned a lot about leading from his oldest brother.

“Jared is an offensive-minded player but has accepted taking a more defensive position in order to help the team win,” said the head coach.

They’re all phenomenal people and players so there have been no different challenges coaching them as opposed to any other member of the team. They have very high soccer IQ and are extremely technical players. They love the sport and are ultra-competitive,” he added.

Although Bryce Nardizzi is not a captain on the team, Nichols said his aggressive nature on the field makes him an asset to the team’s success.

“Bryce is a special offensive talent, with the ability to take players on and score or set up teammates. He has been the league MVP in both 2018 and 2019. All three are some of the best players FSU has seen over the last 20 years.”

Jared Nardizzi said how much he appreciates his uncle for not treating them any differently than the other members of the team just because of family relations.

“He doesn’t treat me or my brothers any differently than anyone else. He puts in the players that he believes will help him win the match.He is a phenomenal coach and the best that I have played under,” said Jared.

Throughout the entirety of both their athletic and academic careers, both Nardizzi brothers expressed profound gratitude for not only their uncle who has been a major support system, but their father as well.

“As an individual athlete I would say training with my dad when I was younger has made me into the player I am today. He trained my three brothers and I and it has helped my game a lot,” said Jared. “I’m extremely thankful because he never forced me into it. He said to do this if I want to improve but only do it if I enjoy it.”

Bryce Nardizzi said “my Dad is a major part of my improvement. He trained me a lot as a kid to develop my skills and how to keep improving everyday. He also taught me that no matter what coach you have you can always learn at least one thing from them.”

Both Jared and Bryce Nardizzi said they are grateful to be a part of the Rams program.

Jared Nardizzi said, “Playing soccer in high school was great and something I’ll forever cherish, but playing soccer at FSU has been the most exciting years of my playing career. In 2019 playing for FSU with my two older brothers is something I’ll never forget. Winning the 2019 MASCAC championship was one of the best days of my life.”

“I’m just happy that everything worked out for me to come back for my last season. I’m just trying to enjoy it everyday and hopefully we can take home the championship. We all know how special it would be,” said Bryce.

Nichols’ passion for the sport has remarkably contributed to the major accomplishments of the team and the athletes own drive for success.

“We have an excellent group of people and players that have been committed to improving everyday. The team has been working quite hard to make a return trip to the NCAA tournament,” said the head coach.

Framingham State men’s soccer is currently 10-4-1 overall.

They are on the road today, October 22 at Worcester State University at 4 p.m.

Their next home game is Tuesday, October 25 at 4:30 p.m., with their final regular season home game on Saturday, October 29 at 2 p.m.


Danielle Achin is a fall 2022 SOURCE intern. She is a senior English major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in psychology at Framingham State University. Danielle has been an athlete since she started gymnastics at age 4. She joined the Framingham State cheerleading team freshman year and recently won the 2022 National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) National Championship for the first time in Framingham State history. She is also one of the Sports editors for Framingham State’s student newspaper The Gatepost.


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