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By Carolina Colarusso


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MALDEN — Students and parents in Malden woke up to a harsh reality Monday morning to find out school is cancelled for students in grades K-12 because teachers unions have called a strike. Thousands of students will not be in their classrooms today. When school district officials and teachers’ unions fail to come to an agreement our students suffer needlessly, and this further negatively affects our children who are already falling behind from long term Covid lockdowns.

According to the commentary from those interviewed, teachers are citing record inflation and the need for higher salaries as one of the reasons to strike. The failure of the Biden / Clark economic policies are the reason we are experiencing record setting inflation in the first place, and the need for higher wages for teachers.

It’s time for Congresswoman Clark to put our children and parents first, not special interest groups that fund her campaign. I’m Caroline Colarusso, challenging Congresswoman Clark in Massachusetts 5th Congressional District. It makes me sad to see how far students in our district have fallen behind. It makes me doubly sad that our Congresswoman is silent–she does not care enough to advocate for students, parents and families. I support school choice for every student in our district, so parents don’t have to be dependent on government schools to educate their children.

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A school choice voucher program would allow the money to follow the child empowering parents and parents only, to decide what is best for their children. The right elected officials in Congress can achieve this, but it must be a priority.

School choice is not a priority for Congresswoman Katherine Clark. According to official campaign finance information compiled by Open Secrets in 2021-2022 alone Congresswoman Clark received political donations from 445 Political Action Committees equaling $960,075 of which $46,500 was received from public sector unions with $10,000 from the American Federation of Teachers and $10,000 from the American Federation of State/County/Municipal Employees or their political action committees.

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What does this mean? It should be very clear to you where Katherine Clark stands. Clark is beholden to special interest groups that generously fund her campaign account. As a result, Clark, will not act independently or make decisions based on what is best for students in the 5th Congressional district. You can see an itemized list of Congresswoman Clark’s donations from special interest groups here:…

Our country is officially in a recession. Additionally, people are living paycheck to paycheck and our economy is becoming ever so more fragile. So how does this strike affect working parents? There is no school today, no after-school programs, or athletics today. Parents are told to find alternatives for their kids.

Parents of Congressional District 5, help me stand up for what’s right for your children. To Learn more visit

Caroline Colarusso is a Republican running for the 5th Congressional District in Massachusetts.

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