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FRAMINGHAM – I am writing to give my full throated endorsement to Priscila Sousa for state representative for the sixth district in Middlesex County. The creation of the majority-minority district was made to provide a first-time opportunity for the south side to have a voice in the state house, and a person who represents many of our struggles and shares our joys. I live on the south side in District 8, and without a doubt, Sousa is exactly that person. I love my neighbors and my neighborhood with my whole heart. We are eclectic, diverse, and unique from much of Framingham. She is one of us. It matters, and it matters deeply to those of us who live here. 

I am not quite sure how she does it, but Sousa is everywhere, all the time, asking how she can help, and then taking the time to make sure it gets done. She gets her hands dirty—often literally—and is constantly looking for opportunities to make our lives better. 

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If you really want to see her light up, ask her about the kids here in Framingham. Her position as school committee chair wasn’t about optics, but out of a genuine desire to make sure every child who passes through our schools is given everything they need to be successful. And Sousa would know—not only did she come through our schools as a student, but she helped raise her younger brother, managing everything from homework help to preparing for IEP meetings.

She knows what it’s like to be the most vulnerable, and she’s built her life around making things better for future generations. I am the parent of an LGBTQIA+ child, and Sousa is the person I want representing my family and the interests of all of our families. 

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What impressed me most about Sousa, however, is her grit and willingness to have hard conversations and stand for her own convictions while also truly listening. In making my decision for this race, I put her through the wringer—Framingham can be an ugly place for politics, and the “he said, no SHE said, no SHE is aligned with HIM and also HER, so SHE is bad/good” nonsense is exhausting.

During our many conversations, Sousa took the time to truly listen to every one of my questions or concerns, and the only thing she asked of me was to hold her accountable. She did not flinch when asked about sensitive topics, and her passion, integrity, and desire to make life better for all of us was front and center.

“Hold me to it. I won’t let you down.” 

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I believe her. 

I left our very first meeting floored and truly impressed. And she has proven time and time again that is indeed, all she will ask of her constituents: that they hold her accountable for her actions as their advocate, and that they work hand in hand with her to do what needs to be done for our city. 

Please join me in support and in voting for Priscila Sousa for state representative. I look forward to her work in the state house, where I know she will work hard to make sure our voices in Framingham are heard loud and clear. 

Jonna Rubin

District 8


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By editor

Susan Petroni is the former editor for SOURCE. She is the founder of the former news site, which as of May 1, 2023, is now a self-publishing community bulletin board. The website no longer has a journalist but a webmaster.