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FRAMINGHAM – I am writing this letter in support of Priscila Sousa as she campaigns for the new 6th Middlesex seat representing south Framingham.

I have known Priscila personally and professionally for five years after we were introduced by a mutual friend when Priscila ran for mayor. Since that time, she and I have gotten to know each other not only as friends, but also as Framingham residents and through civic and local involvement.

Priscila is a thoughtful, curious, and determined individual who has lived and breathed Framingham as
long as I have known her. Based on her stories and those others have told, she has been Framingham’s
champion for far longer than that; for pretty much her whole life. She attended and graduated from
Framingham Schools, while learning English and acclimating to a new country and way of life; she
attended and graduated college in Boston; and now works full time for a solar company.

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Through all of this, she has found time to volunteer for various causes and serve on multiple boards overseeing those same causes. She is passionate about many things and has been seen all over the city in various contexts, whether building a new playground, reading to students, gathering supplies and food through Daniel’s Table, or speaking out about opioid addiction. There are so many topics and groups that have Priscila’s heart and attention, and she finds a way to make them all top priorities.

As a trilingual citizen, she is able to communicate effectively with multiple citizens and advocate for them. Quite simply, Priscila goes beyond just speaking words; she backs it up with experience, knowledge, and a willingness to learn and ask for help if necessary.

As a current educator in the Framingham Public Schools and former Framingham Teachers Association
co-president, I also got to know Priscila as she ventured into a new public service role as a member of
the school committee. We have always acknowledged our friendship while also making space for
important and sometimes difficult conversations. We have had respectful and introspective dialogue
and I appreciate that I was able to get to know this side of Priscila, as I was able to witness first hand her
dedication, excitement, and desire to do right by the students, staff, and families in Framingham.

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While we do not always see things the same way, I admire her willingness to cross the aisle and speak with individuals or groups who may not always align with her or my feelings. She recognizes the importance of these conversations and looks at them as an opportunity to build communication and relationships, not always as a potential divide.

I have closely followed the election and feel that all 3 Democratic candidates demonstrate the same
caring for this community, and have all been involved in different charity works or actions to support
citizens in need. Margareth Shepard, Dhruba Sen, and Priscila Sousa are strong, intelligent candidates
and have brought multiple new ideas to the table. It has been a pleasure attending forums and following
their campaigns online.

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However, it has been disappointing to see the way many supporters, both online and in face to face conversations, have taken it to negative levels. It is expected that people will support their candidate of choice, and often publicly; it is unexpected to take it to a place where candidates’ integrity, rationales, and actual personal lives are being questioned. Then it becomes the ugly side of politics we have become all too accustomed to seeing. It is inappropriate in any race, and especially locally, where the candidates actually know each other and they are lost in the back and forth and barbs being lobbed from every direction. I find it to be harmful, not helpful, to each candidate.

Voters need to hear from and learn about the candidates and make the best decision for them, and not
be bombarded with sideshow comments and behavior from others. We should be able to acknowledge
that while we may not be fans of individuals or groups who endorse a particular candidate, we should
still know what the individual candidate stands for (and what they will not stand for). Read about each
candidate. Follow their social media pages. Attend forums or other public events. Reach out to them
directly. There are so many options for getting to know a candidate, and away from the echo of others.

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That being said, I fully and confidently endorse Priscila Sousa as the 6th Middlesex representative. I
believe she will be the best representative for those of us on the south side of the city, and also beyond.
Her work won’t stop at geographical pinpoints; she will put her effort in wherever it is needed, as she
already does with her many activities.

In Framingham, we know Priscila to be an empathetic and active community leader, and now it is time for us to share her and her outstanding qualities with the rest of the state. Join me in voting for Priscila Sousa for 6th Middlesex representative!

Sarah McKeon

District 7


By editor

Susan Petroni is the former editor for SOURCE. She is the founder of the former news site, which as of May 1, 2023, is now a self-publishing community bulletin board. The website no longer has a journalist but a webmaster.