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FRAMINGHAM – Framingham Police are investigating a breaking & entering at an electronic store in downtown Framingham earlier this week.

Around 5 a.m. on Tuesday, July 26, police received a report of a potential robbery at 100 Concord Street, D’Mar Electronics.

“The alarm company described the suspect as a person of unknown gender wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and a backpack,” said the police report.

When police arrived they found the “front window of the business was shattered. Behind the window there were empty display boxes for Apple iPhones,” said the police report.

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While canvassing the area, one police officers had “eyes on the suspect at 108 and 114 Lawrence Street” according to the report.

“The suspect noticed (the officer) driving towards him causing him to run into the backyard of the residence” and the officer lost sight of him, said the report.

Police then created a square perimeter around Lawrence Street and the department’s new K9 and its officer began a search.

Another police officer at the corner of Lawrence & Bishop streets saw a person matching the suspects description “run across Bishop St from Mansfield St.,” according to the police report.

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K9 Isco and his officer then moved to that area. The K9 had a “strong scent of the suspect leading from the corner of Mansfield St then leading to the back of 181 Bishop St. The back of 181 Bishop St leads to the Social Security office located on 1 Clarks Hill Lane. K9 Isco had a strong scent through that woody area of the parking lot.”

While searching through the wooded area of 1 Clarks Hill, one of the police officers “saw the suspect appear out of the woods on Arthur St but he had taken off the hooded sweatshirt and was now wearing just a black t-shirt,” according to the police report.

“K9 Isco again caught onto a strong scent. The scent led us to the back of the SMOC located 7 Bishop St. The back of SMOC is an active construction site. K9 Isco lost the scent trail once we entered the construction site,” noted the report.

The suspect has not been located yet.

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Video surveillance from the store show an individual throwing a brick at the window, according to the police report.

The cost to repair the window is estimated at $2,000 to $7,000 according to the police report.

The video showed the suspect take about “7 empty Apple iPhone display boxes,” according to the police report.

The owner of the store said the display boxes “weren’t worth anything,” according to the police report.

The owners said this is the second time this has happened at her store.

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