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FRAMINGHAM, MA – Keefe Regional Technical School students won a total of 48 top five places in more than 15 Info Tech and Programming and Web Shop Competitions at the 2022 Massachusetts Business Professionals of America (BPA) State Leadership Conference.

The Keefe Tech Chapter of Business Professionals of America sent 32 student representatives to compete in IT, Programming and Business categories at the conference, held from Thursday, March 10 through Saturday, March 12. This year’s State Leadership conference featured both virtual as well as in-person events, which took place at the Sheraton Tara Conference Center in Framingham.

Keefe students took 11 first place prizes, 11 second place prizes, 8 third place prizes, 9 fourth place prices, and 9 fifth place prizes. Students who placed first or second in their competitions qualified to attend the National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas in May 2022.

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Information Technology sophomores Da-Neil Anderson of Framingham and Bennett Kazanjian of Hopkinton took first and second places in the Computer Network Technology category, and previously competed in the Cyber Security/Digital Forensic Virtual Competition in February.

Kazanjian qualified for the Top 10 with his Ransomware Attack on ACER Corporation and will present on Friday, May 6 for the Best in Show Award. Additionally, Evan Lewis of Ashland was elected as a BPA State Officer in the position of Parliamentarian.

Keefe Tech students won medals in the following categories:

Computer Network Technology
1st Place- Da Neil Anderson, Framingham
2nd Place- Bennett Kazanjian, Hopkinton
3rd Place- Evan Lewis, Ashland
5th Place- Alex Mello, Framingham

Computer Security
3rd Place- Evan Lewis, Ashland
4th Place- Bennett Kazanjian, Hopkinton

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Device Configuration and Troubleshooting
1st Place- Da-Neil Anderson, Framingham
2nd Place- Bennett Kazanjian, Hopkinton
3rd Place- Alex Mello, Framingham
5th Place- Evan Lewis, Ashland

Linux Operating Systems Fundamentals
2nd Place- Da-Neil Anderson, Framingham
3rd Place- William Segale, Natick
4th Place- Nicholas Zuliy, Framingham
5th Place- Bryan Avelino, Framingham

Network Administration Using Cisco
1st Place- Alex Mello, Framingham
2nd Place- Evan Lewis, Ashland
4th Place- Da-Neil Anderson, Framingham
5th Place- Bennett Kazanjian, Hopkinton

Server Administration Using Microsoft
1st Place- Bennett Kazanjian, Hopkinton
4th Place- Da-Neil Anderson, Framingham
5th Place- Evan Lewis, Ashland

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Network Design Team
2nd Place- Bennett Kazanjian, Hopkinton; Alex Mello, Framingham; Evan Lewis, Ashland;
Da-Neil Anderson, Framingham

Computer Programming Concepts
1st Place- Vaansh Mansharanani, Holliston
3rd Place- Ana Luiza Rodriquez, Framingham
5th Place- Nicholas Zuliy, Framingham

SQL Database Fundamentals
1st Place- Mitchell Rieder, Framingham
2nd Place- Vaansh Mansharamani, Holliston
3rd Place- Lily Rosenstein, Natick
4th Place- Ana Luiza Rodriquez, Framingham

Fundamentals of Web Design
1st Place- Ana Luiza Rodriguez, Framingham
2nd Place- Elizabeth Smith, Framingham; Timothy Nickerson, Holliston
4th Place- Talyn LaGrone, Natick
5th Place- Joshua Solorzano, Framingham

Python Programming
4th Place- Gordon Leaver, Framingham
5th Place- Vaansh Mansharamani, Holliston

C# Programming
1st Place- Antonio Neto, Framingham
3rd Place- Ryan DaSouza, Framingham

4th Place- Reilly Kinz, Framingham
5th Place- Mitchell Rieder, Framingham

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C++ Programming
1st Place- Vaansh Mansharamani, Holliston
2nd Place- Mitchell Rieder, Framingham

Java Programming
1st Place- Vaansh Mansharamani, Holliston
2nd Place- Nicholas Zuliy, Framingham
3rd Place- Talyn LaGrone, Natick

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Medical Terminology Concepts
2nd Place- Evan Rosato, Framingham

Parliamentary Procedures Concepts
2nd Place- Timothy Nickerson, Holliston
4th Place- Elizabeth Smith, Framingham

Project Management Concepts
1st Place- Timothy Nickerson, Holliston

Business Professionals of America (BPA) is a national career and technical student organization for high school, middle and college students preparing for careers in business and information technology. During the State Leadership Conference, students compete in the Workplace Skills Assessment Program, for which awards are given to the top five participants in each category.

Keefe Regional Technical School is a four-year public high school located in Framingham, and is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. In addition to 16 career and technical programs, Keefe Tech offers a complete college preparatory and honors academic program, with opportunities for students to participate in advanced placement courses and dual enrollment courses at local colleges and universities. Keefe Tech is proud to serve students from the in-district communities of Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton and Natick.

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