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FRAMINGHAM – District 3 City Council candidate Mary Kate Feeney sent a letter to the Framingham City Council Chair George P. King Jr. this morning, November 18 requesting the Council set a “runoff election” date.

On election night, November 2, the unofficial results had City Council Vice Chair Adam Steiner with 997 votes and Feeney with 995 votes.

Feeney filed for a recount last week.

On Tuesday, November 16 a recount was held and Feeney picked up 2 votes, making it a virtual tie at 997 votes each.

City Clerk Lisa Ferguson said the tie meant there was a “failure to elect.” She said that would be the official city election result “until a court decides otherwise.”

Massachusetts Law says in the case of a tie, there would be a runoff election or special election.

Feeney and Steiner, can challenge the City’s election result in Massachusetts Superior Court, under state law.

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Feeney said she would not challenge the result in Court.

Steiner posted on his Facebook page “The likely next step in the process is for the two ballots that were shifted from being counted as blanks to being counted for Ms. Feeney to be reviewed by the courts. That should result in a determination about the final outcome of the November 2nd election. If not, we’ll look to the next step advised by the court to break the tie, and we will certainly abide by the court’s and the City’s decision. Much as I respected Ms. Feeney’s request for a recount, I similarly want to make sure every i is dotted and t is crossed as we move forward in the process.”

“This morning I sent the attached letter to Council Chair George King requesting the Council set a runoff election between Vice Chair Steiner and myself as soon as possible,” said Feeney in a statement sent to the digital news outlet today, November 18.

“There have been a lot of conflicting theories from local online pundits on what should or should not happen next. Fact is we are in uncharted territory. We need to tune out the noise and focus on next steps, and what matters the most. For me, this is about you, the residents of District 3,” said Feeney.

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“A Councilor represents the people in their district. It should be up to those voters to decide on who represents their needs, interests and ideas. It should not be up to the courts and judges, or even the Council itself to decide the next District 3 Councilor,” said Feeney.

“Going to court will not be inexpensive, quick or guaranteed conclusive. By making this request to the Council, which can set election dates in consultation with the City Clerk’s Office, this issue is put back into the hands of District 3 – where it belongs,” said Feeney. “I look forward to hearing from Chair King and the City of Framingham on the next steps we can take together for a resolution on our future.”

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