Spicer Administration Announces 85 New COVID Cases in City of Framingham

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FRAMINGHAM – The City of Framingham today, November 3, announced 85 new COVID-19 cases since last week.

Last week, the City reported 66 new cases, and the week before 71 cases.

The City of Framingham said it now has 171 active cases up from 163 active cases last week.

Framingham has had a total of 9,210 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. Framingham has about 74,500 residents. (Note: the official census has the City at less than 72,500 residents). That means more than 12% of the City has been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the pandemic began in March 2020.

The City did not announce how many individuals in quarantine.

The City of Framingham is now reporting 8,774 individuals have recovered from the coronavirus.

Framingham Health Director Alex DePalo told SOURCE “cases are moved into a Recovered status when the individual has completed isolation and is not experiencing any COVID symptoms (including fever without a fever-reducing medication).  Isolation is a minimum of 10 days however it can be longer if symptoms persist or if the individual becomes severely ill.  It is a case by case determination.”

Since the pandemic, began 253 individuals have died from COVID-19 in the City of Framingham.

The City’s equity vaccine initiative has vaccinated 6,252 in 2021.


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