Framingham Mayor Submits Testimony To State’s Redistricting Committee

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FRAMINGHAM – Last Tuesday, October 12, the state’s special committee on redistricting released map for proposed legislative districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for 2022.

The City of Framingham was carved up into 4 legislative districts, including one incumbent-free “minority-majority” district.

Feedback on the proposed map is due today at 5 p.m.

SOURCE asked City of Framingham Mayor for a statement last Tuesday, October 12 along with several city leaders. The report published on Tuesday, October 12.

Mayor Spicer issued a statement today, October 18. It is published below.

“On behalf of the City of Framingham, I am writing to express my concern about the recently
proposed redistricting maps as they pertain to our community. According to Framingham City Clerk Lisa Ferguson, who has led our local process, the proposal before us results in split precincts because of the necessity of following MGL 54 § 6. This is likely to cause confusion amongst voters and logistical challenges, as well as generate unnecessary additional expenses for our community,” wrote Mayor Spicer in her written testimony.

There was a public hearing last Friday in which several Mayors, Town Managers, and community leaders across the Commonwealth provided verbal testimony.

“Our local process was carefully considered. Our City Clerk brought together staff with pertinent expertise; these are also people who, working for our community day in and day out, know Framingham on the ground. The team included employees such as the City’s GIS Coordinator, Planning and Community Development Department members, and our Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer. This team’s priorities included the best interest of our residents, minimization of political bias, and considering equity at every decision point. These priorities resulted in boundaries that have been approved locally by our City Council,” wrote Mayor Spicer.

“We share your desire to create equity, particularly for diverse populations, and I sincerely hope that you will reconsider the maps as proposed and instead utilize the locally approved 2020 re-precincting boundary lines here in Framingham. Thank you for your consideration and work on this monumental task that will have implications for democracy in the Commonwealth for years
to come,” concluded Mayor Spicer.

State Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis has stated repeatedly that the new maps are what is “best” for Framingham.

Lewis, who represents the 7th Middlesex District currently has the Town of Ashland and 6 of the City of Framingham’s 18 Precincts.

Under the new map, Lewis will still have the entire Town of Ashland, but of his current Framingham Precincts, he only keeps the one he resides in. he does pick up several other Framingham Precincts to “gerrymander” himself to the board with Ashland from his home in the center of the City.

Rep. Lewis told the Framingham Democratic Committee that new maps, based on feedback, will be unveiled this week, and will likely be voted on by the House this week, too.


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