Mass Announces Redistricting Plan; Rep. Linksy Works to Keep Natick Together


NATICK – On Tuesday, October 12, a Massachusetts Special Joint Committee on Redistricting announced new proposed state senate and state legislative districts.

State representatives from the newly-proposed District would be elected by voters in November 2022.

Redistricting of the districts was needed after the 2020 Census count.

Massachusetts grew and thus the districts needed to be reconfigured.

Each proposed new House district is about 44,000 individuals and each proposed Senate district is about 175,000 people.

There is one major change for Natick, but several changes for Rep. David Linsky, and the 5th Middlesex District.

First, under the proposal, the Town of Natick, which grew by 12% over the last decade, is going from sharing state senators to having just Senate President Karen Spilka represent the community.

Second, Rep. Linsky is keeping all of the Town of Natick in the 5th Middlesex legislative District by will lose the communities of Millis and Sherborn. He will gain half of the Town of Wayland.

First elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in November 1998, Rep. Linsky said his “goal” was to “keep Natick together.”

“The house chairman of redistricting Rep. Michael Moran met with every House member in a very through process to learn what every member’s preferences were. He wanted to know what the members’ priorities were for that district,’ said Rep. Linsky.

Linsky said House Majority leader Moran talked to him about what he wanted for “his” district.

“My priority was to keep Natick together,” said Rep. Linsky, a Democrat.

“It was a difficult process, as changing one district has an impact on all 160 districts,” said Rep. Linsky. “I applaud the chairman and the rest of the Committee. No one is ever going to be completely satisfied.”

Natick’s 2010 census was 33,006. the community increased by exactly 4,000 people to 37,006, according to the 2020 Census.

Nationally, the Asian population increased with the 2020 Census and that was the case with Natick too.

But Massachusetts, and especially MetroWest saw a growth in population, and that growth in MetroWest meant an additional seat was created in the area, explained Rep. Linksy.

“MetroWest region is getting an additional representative. A new district is being created that does not have an incumbent. It includes Westborough, Northborough, and Southborough,” said Rep. Linslky. “MetroWest’s population grew faster than the state and there was finaly enough people to make another district.”

The new District is called the 19th Worcester County District, and it also includes one Precinct in Framingham.

“But adding a new district meant that all of the districts had to change,” said Rep. Linsky.

Westborough, Northborough, and Southborough are currently represented by Rep. Carolyn Dkyema and Rep. Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough).

“Danielle is now gaining a part of Framingham and Carolyn is now taking Sherborn and Millis into her district” which also includes Hopkinton & Holliston, explained Rep. Linsky.

“My personal wish was to to keep Natick together. It was important to keep Natick whole in a legislative district,” said Rep. Linsky. “And that was accomplished.”

“I’m sad to lose Sherborn and Millis. I have gained many friends in both towns. I have represented those communities for 22 years now. They are both great towns,” said Rep. Linsky.

“I am looking forward to meeting people in Wayland and learning more about Wayland. I grew up less than a half mile from wayland in natick. I have been in Wayland almost every day of my life. Demographically wayland is close to Framingham so it is a good fit,” said Rep. Linsky.

The Town of Wayland has four precincts – two will be in the 5th Middlesex District with Rep. Linksy and two will be a district with Rep. Carmine Gentile, and the Town of Sudbury.

Rep. Linsky said he is happy to see all of Natick to be represented by Senate President Spilka, and that it is a plus for the community.

“I have enjoyed working with Sen. Becca Rausch,” said Rep. Linsky. “Spilka knows Natick very well. She represents Natick extremely well. The two of us work well together. Natick will be superbly represented under the leadership of Spilka.”

The Special Committee will hold a virtual hearing for residents of the Commonwealth to offer comments on the draft State Senate and State House maps on Friday, October 15 at 1 p.m.

To watch the hearing visit

The Committee is accepting public comment on the proposed maps through 5 p.m. on Monday via



email: call or text at 508-315-7176

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