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In full transparency, the following was submitted to SOURCE media through its business wire service.

NATICK – Allurion Technologies, today, September 21, announced the launch of Allurion Insights, a new and powerful addition to the Allurion Virtual Care Suite.

Allurion Insights is an integrated remote patient monitoring and telehealth solution designed specifically for weight-loss providers.

Starting today, Allurion Insights is available to all Allurion partner clinics for follow-up care of their patients after an Allurion Balloon placement. Combined with the Allurion App, Connected Scale and Health Tracker, Allurion now offers a complete set of digital services and hardware designed specifically for weight loss.

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Allurion Insights is a virtual care solution that is designed specifically for Allurion providers. The secure web-based application offers a number of benefits to both providers and their patients, including automated monitoring of weight loss analytics to better follow patient progress and online text/video communications to facilitate remote telehealth care. The Allurion Insights platform is designed to be simple to use by the entire care team, coordinating care to drive better overall outcomes for patients.

“High-quality follow-up care is critical to achieving lifelong weight loss, and Allurion is committed to offering our providers the digital services they need to efficiently deliver care,” said Jeff Feldgoise, Allurion’s Head of Digital Product. “Allurion Insights is an easy-to-use and powerful digital solution that is tightly integrated with all of the other components in the Allurion Virtual Care Suite. We have designed Allurion Insights specifically for weight-loss providers, tailoring it for their needs.”

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Allurion Insights current capabilities include:

  • Real-time monitoring of patient data – Allurion Insights is a secure platform for providers to see all of their Allurion patient data collected via the Allurion App, Connected Scale and Health Tracker.
  • Secure messaging – Allurion Insights enables secure communication between the entire care team and the patient, via the Allurion App. Messaging is delivered in real-time, enabling providers to reach patients quickly and easily share messages and files.
  • Video telehealth – Allurion has integrated video telehealth capabilities into both Allurion Insights and the Allurion App. This secure and private Video Consult feature gives providers a way to meet with their patients for follow up care anywhere the patient may be in the world.
  • Care notes –To make it easier to coordinate care across teams of doctors, dietitians and other weight-loss professionals, Allurion Insights includes notes – a lightweight medical record that is shared across the clinic care team to better coordinate care.

“With the launch of Allurion Insights, we have taken the Allurion Program to the next level,” said Shantanu Gaur, M.D., Allurion’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Between the best-in-class results of the Allurion Balloon and our expanding digital health capabilities, the Allurion Program has become the most complete weight loss solution on the market.”

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Starting today, Allurion Insights is available to all providers supporting Allurion Balloon patients. By including this powerful technology with every Balloon, Allurion is ensuring that all Allurion partner clinics have the tools to provide world-class follow-up care that drive Allurion’s high levels of patient satisfaction and strong program results.

Natick-based Allurion Technologies is dedicated to ending obesity. The company’s flagship product, the Allurion Program, is a 360-degree weight loss experience featuring the Allurion Balloon, the world’s first and only swallowable, procedureless gastric balloon for weight loss, the Allurion Honeymoon from Hungernutritional and behavior change program, and the Allurion Virtual Care Suite including the Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion Health Tracker smartwatch, Allurion mobile app, Allurion Clinic Dashboard and Allurion Insights.

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