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Editor’s Note: SOURCE invited runners from Team Framingham and a couple of other Framingham-based charity teams to participate in a series of Q&As about their training for the 2021 Boston marathon to be held in October this year, due to the pandemic. If you would like to submit a profile contact Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, October 11.


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Jennifer Byrne

Hometown: Framingham

Marathon Team: Beth Israel Lahey Health

Is this your first marathon? Yes!

What is your personal best marathon time? We will find out in October!

Is this your first Boston Marathon? Yes!

Did you participate in the 2020 virtual marathon? No.

Why run Boston? Every time I go as a spectator, I leave feeling inspired, like I could do it too. And I feel very strongly about giving back to the charity I’m running for. This year just felt like the year to put it all together.

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Which charity are you raising money for? Beth Israel Lahey Health. Specifically, I am raising money for the ICU that will be in the new in-patient building at BIDMC.

Why did you pick that charity? The doctors, nurses and staff at BIDMC were there for my family when we needed them the most. They worked tirelessly to keep our family together and get us out of the health crisis we found ourselves in. We wouldn’t be the family we are today without them. They never gave up hope and because of that we never did either.

Link to your charity fundraising page:

How did you first get into running? I’ve been an athlete all my life, but not a runner. I think I first started running consistently after my third child was born. I needed some “quiet” time.

Why do you like to run? I like the chance to have some “me time” while doing something good for my body. I like the challenge. I can run anywhere at any time, so I try and fit it in around the kids’ schedules and family time.

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Tell me something about your training for the marathon: I have been really proud of the runs that I’ve done. Accomplishing the runs where I’m pushing the mileage up is a great feeling.

How has the pandemic changed your running habits? It made me want to run more! I really cherished that time to myself.

What is your favorite cross-training activity? I love to swim!

Do you prefer to train alone or with others? Why? I typically run by myself. Although I love to run with my sister and would do it more if we lived closer.

Are you an early morning runner or evening runner? I am an early morning runner because it suits my schedule best. But I do love a good night run!

How do you stay motivated when you don’t want to run? I remind myself of how good I will feel when I’m done.

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Music or no music? Music with some motivational speeches mixed in.

What is your favorite pre-running meal? I always start with oatmeal in the morning.

What is your favorite post-run snack? Anything handy with protein.

Tell SOURCE readers something about you that has nothing to do with running: I am an Irish Citizen thanks to marrying the best Irishman I know.

What shoes will you wear on Marathon Day? Asics GT-1000 10

What is your goal for the 2021 Boston Marathon? Being able to cross such an iconic finish line will be amazing. If I can do it in under 5 hours, that would be even better.

Will you wear anything personal or symbolic the day of the 2021 Boston Marathon? Why? I will wear a necklace

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