LETTER: Sisitsky Will Protect Seniors & Support Framingham Schools


FRAMINGHAM – Boston is not the only City with a Mayoral Preliminary Election on Tuesday September 14th. Framingham has one as well; and its outcome could determine the future of our city.

There is a very clear choice between Mayoral candidates. Charlie Sisitsky will make sure that our kids and our seniors get the services and programs they need to live productive and fulfilling lives. He will support programs for seniors, protect their health and treat them with the respect they deserve. He appreciates that these are the people who built our community into such a fabulous place to live.

He has always been a strong supporter of our schools. He would never vote for a teacher’s contract then refuse to fund it several months later.

He will foster a climate in local government that keeps good people working here and attracts
others as well.

He will fix the fiscal mess that the current administration has created.

He will work to protect our environment and preserve our open spaces.

Charlie will lead from a position of strength and respect; not fear and intimidation.

Charlie’s office will respond to our residents’ and business owners’ calls and emails. Charlie knows that the job of Mayor is to serve our people.

Secrecy and stonewalling requests for public information will not be part of Charlie’s administration. Charlie knows that public information belongs to the public and that our business should be done in the open and not secretly. You see, when there’s nothing to hide; there’s no reason for secrecy.

And most importantly, CHARLIE WILL BE THE MAYOR OF ALL THE PEOPLE OF FRAMINGHAM. He will not be using this important position as a stepping stone. This job, will in fact, be a capstone to a professional career that has included a wide breadth of municipal experience and leadership as well as decades of service as a volunteer public official. Charlie doesn’t just talk the talk. He has walked the walk and will do so again to get our government back on track.

Please join us in supporting Charlie Sisitsky for Mayor. CHARLIE CAN FIX THIS.


Cheryl Tully Stoll & Ed Stoll



email: editor@FraminghamSource.com call or text at 508-315-7176

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