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FRAMINGHAM – Last month, Boy Scouts of America Troop 12 Framingham had a crew of Scouts and adult leaders travel to New Mexico for an adventure of a lifetime.

The Troop flew out to Colorado on August 6, and then drove to Philmont Scout Ranch, a high adventure base camp located in the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico. 

The Ranch consists of 140,177 acres of rugged mountain wilderness and has the highest population of mountain lions in the United States.

The crew hiked a 7-day backpacking expedition consisting of 30 rugged miles and mountain peaks up to 9400’. 

Every Philmont crew is Scout led, with the teens navigating each day by orienteering, using maps and a compass.

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Each day’s trek brought the group to a new camp and included activities and service projects along the way.

Some of their camping and hiking highlights included hiking Tooth of Time (elevation 9,003 ft), Schaefers Peak (elevation 9,413 ft), blacksmithing, homesteading, and forest conservation.  The Crew used skills they learned through years of Scouting including trail cooking, first aid, camping, and hanging Bear Bags.  Bear Bags are used to hang food and other “smellable” items high into the air, out of reach of bears and other critters. 

Fortunately, Troop 12 only witnessed Mule Deer and scratches on a tree made by a mountain lion.

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The seven Scouts and three adult leaders began preparing for this trek last year as they held several “shakedown” hikes each month throughout New England to help them get ready to carry all of their equipment and adjust to higher altitudes while hiking. The Scouts received advice and mentorship during their practice hikes from several adults and former Troop 12 members who had been to Philmont in the past.

Troop 12 Framingham is so proud of this amazing crew and all they have accomplished.

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