LETTER: Hoops & Homework Founder Endorses Sisitsky For Mayor


FRAMINGHAM – I am writing in support of Charlie Sisitsky’s bid to become Mayor of Framingham.

As a member and chair of the Selectmen, many of us observed Charlie being respectful
of diverse opinions, educating the public, studying the relevant issues, and acting in a
very professional manner.

One of Charlie’s many great qualities is his ability to work cooperatively with others.
He will bring these same leadership qualities to the Mayor’s offce.

There are very, very few other people in our community more knowledgeable about city
government, familiar with each and every neighborhood, or more composed to resolve
the multitude of vexing issues of Framingham.

We were most fortunate to have had his service.

I have been working with Charlie for many, many years on various Framingham projects. One of these projects was Hoops and Homework.

I would like to thank him for showing me in 2012, what was happening in Framingham’s lowest income sections. I found out that there were huge needs for service for the kids. Charlie opened my eyes to something that was hidden to me although I have lived here for over 50 years.

With his help and encouragement, I started Hoops and Homework which is still going strong for almost 10 years.

Charlie was on our Board of Directors and with his guidance we persisted and grew. The results are a new full size basket ball basketball court, a state of the art playground and a brand new expanded learning center. His heart and soul have always been in the right place. Doing great things for Framingham. 

Please consider voting for  Charlie Sisitsky for Mayor.  He has the know how.

Thank you,  

Herb Chasan

Founder of Hoops & Homework

Framingham resident


email: editor@FraminghamSource.com call or text at 508-315-7176

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