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FRAMINGHAM – Framingham High School is eliminating its grade model and moving to a house model, determined by a student’s last name starting with the 2021-2022 school year, announced Principal Carolyn Banack.

Framingham High School has historically utilized a grade-based administrative system pairing a Vice Principal with a specific grade and following that grade over a student’s four years of high school.

“Although this has served the FHS community well in the past, increased student enrollment and the widening range of social, emotional, and educational needs have driven the high school administration to think differently about structures that best support students in a space that, despite the numbers, increases personalized student support. As a result, the FHS administration is pivoting to a proven House Model structure to best serve our school community,” wrote Principal Banack in an email today, August 16.

This means many students will be getting a new vice principal, but also a new school guidance counselor.

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Framingham High School instead of Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12 system, the administration will now have a gold house, a green house, a blue house, and a silver house for the students.

SOURCE was told the colors were chosen to represent the former Framingham North Spartan and Framingham South Flyer colors.

Each of the 4 houses will have a Vice Principal, 2 school counselors, a social worker, and an assistant office manager. Each house will have about 600 students in grades 9-12.

The high school’s new “Dean of Students, Mr. Omawali Stewart, will support students in all four houses with a focus on freshman students and their transition to high school,” wrote Banach.

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“The House Suite will not only create a welcoming environment for students, but will also improve timely communication among administrators, counselors, students, and families,” wrote the Principal. “In the event a student is retained, the House Model will improve consistently of academic interventions and support services by the staff assigned to the House.”

With this change, members of the Class of 2022, seniors, “may have a counselor change for counseling operations such as a schedule issue. The counselor students are currently assigned to will be able to write the counselor recommendation for the college process. Counselors will communicate with each other on relevant issues and will work as a team to support all students,” wrote the principal.

Gold House-D102

Last names: A – De O

Vice Principal: Greg Lagan

Social Worker: Carrianne Preziosi

Office Assistant: Luz Santiago

Counselor: Kathleen Khazai for Last names: A – Camo

Counselor: Jeffrey Childs for Last names: Camp – De O

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Green House-K-005A

Last names: De P – La

Vice Principal: Jon Kanavich

Social Worker: Kelly Falkowski

Office Assistant: Maria Medina

Counselor: Lydia Jones for Last name: De P – Gen

Counselor: Rich Walcek for Last name: Gem – La

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Blue House-D109

Last names: Lb – P

Vice Principal: Mark Albright

Social Worker: Elena Crisp

Office Assistant: Jaqueline Scheidt

Counselor: Kaitlin Donovan for Last names: Lb-Monteq

Counselor: Lily O’Brien for Last names: Monter-P

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Silver House-E205

Last names: Q-Z

Vice Principal: Jeff Convery

Social Worker: Richard Curtiss

Office Assistant: Isabel Rossetti

Counselor: Susan DeSimone for Last names: Q- Silva

Counselor: Lindsey Monaco for Last names: Silvb – Z

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