Framingham-Based SCIEX Introduces New Molecule Profiler App

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In full transparency, the following press release was submitted to SOURCE media via its business wire service.


FRAMINGHAM – SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, continues to strengthen its software portfolio with new applications. OneOmics suite, now commercialized, supports big data, multi-omics research through the power of secure, collaborative cloud computing on SCIEX Cloud.

The Molecule Profiler app extends beyond traditional drug metabolism software to add capabilities for the identification and quantification of biopharmaceutical metabolites and impurities, and provides a single solution to support the safety of life-saving therapies.

SCIEX OS is an entire LC-MS software ecosystem that enables scientists to easily get the most out of every sample. It is continually being updated to meet the evolving workflow needs of our customers, including support for the ZenoTOF 7600 system, the new accurate mass system from SCIEX. Systems powered by SCIEX OS have intuitive data acquisition, powerful data processing, and data integrity through traceable audit trails. Soon to be available in 9 languages, SCIEX OS helps scientists ensure completeness and consistency across all labs, instruments and workflows.

To advance the detection and treatment of disease, it is critical to understand how the thousands of mRNA transcripts, proteins, lipids and metabolites in the body are regulated and modified. The large-scale study of these molecules is the field of omics. OneOmics suite enables life science researchers to process large-scale proteomics and metabolomics data sets with ease, and up to 10x faster than desktop computing, reducing processing time from hours to minutes.

With SCIEX Cloud, data are securely stored in the cloud, allowing researchers to process their data from anywhere, anytime, and collaborate globally to integrate data from transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. These increases in productivity will support breakthrough discoveries in the field of biomarker research.

To bring life-saving small molecule and biopharmaceutical therapies to market safely, it is critical to understand how they are metabolized in the body. Molecule Profiler enables scientists to identify and quantify biotransformations and impurities across a wide range of molecular classes, including therapeutic oligonucleotides, small molecule drugs, peptide therapeutics and antibody-drug conjugates.

Combined with the superior sensitivity of the ZenoTOF 7600 system, it becomes easy to detect low-level metabolites and understand their in vivo metabolism, ensuring that these revolutionary therapies can be brought to market faster.

Software is the vital connector between technology and insights, that will drive discovery. Our customers told us that the new horizon in disease research is multi-omics, and we listened. They told us that the new frontier of next-generation biologics is oligonucleotide-based therapies, and we listened. We are proud to introduce software that prioritizes user experience and diversity of need, thus enabling the vision of our customers,” said  Beth Hazell, Senior Director of Software at SCIEX.

Based in Framingham, SCIEX’s mission is to deliver solutions for the precision detection and quantification of molecules, empowering our customers to protect and advance the wellness and safety of all.


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