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FRAMINGHAM – Cynthia Blanc Preiss MacLean has been named the City of Framingham’s first Mrs. Framingham by the Mrs. America Massachusetts Pageant.

The 50-year-old who lives with her husband and son in Framingham, will now compete in the fall for the State Mrs. Massachusetts title.

“I am so excited and honored to represent Framingham. Framingham is a wonderful place to live and I plan to make the most of my reign by reaching out to the female residents in our City to talk about our Community and other issues we face as women, mothers and businesswomen.”

For Cynthia, Mrs. Massachusetts is more than just a beauty pageant competing for a crown and sash. She said her title and life journey embodies “women empowerment.“

A wife, mother, grandmother, life coach for women and supporter of widows, Cynthia helps women develop their confidence, in order to go after their true aspirations. Cynthia believes it’s never too late to design the life you envision for yourself. Knowing first-hand what it is to lose someone, Cynthia also supports widows and women who are grieving a loved one.

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“My late husband suddenly passed away in Israel. Our young son and I were not even able to attend the funeral. The inability to participate in the services in Israel filled us with anxiety. I then decided to visit an aunt here in Massachusetts, and fell in love with the scenic towns, the cultural activities and the history. I ended up relocating from Miami to start a new life with my son in Framingham. I am blessed to have met someone who quickly became my best friend, and now is my husband. He is a local attorney. He has proven to be incredibly kind and supportive on my personal journey,” she said.

“During Covid, my husband and I started an organization to help widows and those who are grieving a loved one both financially and emotionally. My story made me realize how important it is to empower women—so that no woman ever feels neglected, and without options. My story could have destroyed me and made me bitter. But I instead, use my experience to help women—to lead by example of how you can transform your life no matter what the circumstances you find yourself in. This is one of the many reasons why I believe I embody what Mrs. Massachusetts truly stands for.”
she added. “I look forward to sharing my personal experience of courage, tenacity, and hope with women in Framingham and throughout Massachusetts.”

She also plans to continue volunteering at her son’s elementary school in Framingham.

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Cynthia is a Life Mastery specialist focusing on female empowerment. She helps women develop their confidence, in order to go after their true aspirations.

She believes it’s never too late to design the life you envision for yourself. Using her own devastating experience as a widow left with a young child, as well as her skills as a lifelong entrepreneur,

She now mentors women. By guiding them through their unique life transformations, challenges and opportunities for growth, Cynthia helps them live authentic, confident, purpose driven, and fulfilled lives.

Mrs. Framingham MA Cynthia Blanc Preiss MacLean is available for appearances and speaking engagements. She can be contacted at

Mrs. Massachusettes Pageant is a preliminary to the Mrs. America Pageant. The pageant was established to honor married women throughout the United States.

The Mrs. Massachusettes Pageant highlights women from all over the State to showcase their achievements and passion for their communities.


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