Who Has Pulled Nomination Papers To Run For Office in Framingham?

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Last updated at 6:30 p.m. on July 12

FRAMINGHAM – SOURCE will publish a running list of individuals who have pulled nomination papers to be on the ballot later this year.

Today, June 1 was the first day to pull papers.

Framingham will elect Mayor, the entire School Committee, 9 District City Councilors, half the Library Trustees and three of the five Cemetery Trustees in November.


If all four return the nomination papers and they are certified, there will be a preliminary election in September. The top two candidates in September will appear on the November ballot.


District 1- Christine Long

District 2 – Cesar Stewart-Morales, Jake Binnall

District 3 – Mary Kate Feeney, Adam Steiner

District 4 – Michael Cannon, Stephanie Deeley, James Pillsbury

District 5 – Noval Alexander, Cheryl Gordon

District 6 – Phil Ottaviani Jr.

District 7 – Magdalena Janus, Eugene Grzywna, Joseph Hansberry, Leora Rose Mallach

District 8 – John Stefanini

District 9 – Edgardo Torres and Tracey Bryant


District 1 – Beverly Hugo

District 2 – Ricky Finlay

District 3 – Jennifer Moshe

District 4 – Adam Freudberg

District 5 – Priscila Sousa

District 6 – Valerie V. Ottaviani 

District 7 – Tiffanie Maskell

District 8 – Jessica Barnhill

District 9 – William LaBarge


There are six 4-year term seats available. Thus far, seven individuals have pulled papers.

  • Ruth Winett
  • Steven Malchman
  • Heather Klish
  • Isabella Petroni
  • Andrew I. Machkasov
  • Trent Matthew Fortner
  • Jenny Dimouro Dearcangeus
  • Heather E.E. Woods
  • Leslie White Harvey


There are three 4-year term seats available. Thus far, one person has pulled papers.

  • Dennis Cardiff
  • Nick Paganella
  • Julie Ann Dickson-Ferrari


SOURCE will not endorse any candidates during the election.

SOURCE has published its election guide.

The news outlet does accept political advertising.

SOURCE also launches a political discussion group on Facebook today.


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