Horse Crossing Signs To Be Erected on Grove Street; Residents Want Speed Bumps To Curtail Speeders

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By Grace Mayer


FRAMINGHAM – Grove Street has pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders, along with motorists, on he neighborhood road.

Now, a petition is calling for the addition of speed bumps to slow down speeding vehicles on the road.

Residents Joe and Laura Deigan circulated a petition advocating for the city to approve speed bumps and traffic signs signaling to drivers that pedestrians and equestrian activities lie ahead,

There were 28 properties that signed the petition – 25 of which signed in support of these changes. The remaining 3 signatures did not select that they elected or opposed the petition. 

“I know this is a big ask. I was a police officer for 32 years and served on the Traffic Commission in Watertown for the last 8 years,” said Joe Deigan.

“Something has to be done,” said the Framingham resident for more than 25 years, who said Grove Street has been turned into a “drag way.”

“For us, if you are on horseback, you don’t have a lot of time to move, when they come around that corner, if they are going 38 to 40 miles per hour,” said Joe Deigan. “It is getting more and more dangerous. It is affecting my ability to ride (horses). My wife’s ability to ride. … and I am not the only equine facility on Grove Street anymore either.”

Following the amassment of petitions, Traffic Commission Chair William Sedewitz said the next step is a formal traffic evaluation, including accident data, which will be addressed at the next Traffic Commission meeting to be held in June. Traffic counts were down April 27-28-29 in 2021.

Previously collected speed data, amassed over a year, indicated there was not a speeding problem on this road.

In the meantime, Sedewitz said that they could immediately proceed with adding warning signs advertising horse crossings.

A number of residents spoke at the virtual meeting, on May 25, including Joe Deigan, and Grove Street residents Pam Keeney and Doug Stephan. Former City Councilor and Town of Framingham Traffic Commissioner Charlie Sisitsky also spoke.

“They cut down drove because of the speed bumps on Edmands (road) now,” said Keeney. “It is a cut through from Marlborough.”

“The pavement is so deteriorated,” said Keeney, who added the “road is physically a mess.”

She said there are no weight limit signs for trucks, and recommended trucks go down Edgell Road and not Grove Street “as it is not wide enough.”

Keeney wishes the road would be more friendly for pedestrians and bikes.

“Something need to be done on Grove Street,” said Keeney, who said there is too much traffic on Grove, Winch, and Edmands.

“i would say to the Traffic Commission please help us,” she said.

What is most troubling now is the “attitude” of the motorists, many of whom do not live in the City, said Stephan, who owns Eastleigh Farm.

“I have had experiences where people try to pass me,” while on the tractor, said Stephan “or drive me off the road.”

“We have had cars going into ditches and into telephone poles,” said Stephan. “It is absurd what is going on. And it is getting much much worse. … It is unacceptable.”

“I too am very concerned about the traffic and speeding” on Grove Street said Sisitsky.”It is very dangerous. We have a narrow road, with some very dangerous curves. especially near the Fafard property, and we need to do something to protect the safety of the people who live in the area, who walk on the side of the road, who ride their horses in the area.”

Sisitsky suggested solar-powered flashing speed signs on the street, and other ideas. He said if that doesn’t work than more “extreme” measures like speed bumps and speed tables may ne needed.

“We need to get the traffic to slow down,” said Sisitsky.


Grace Mayer is a senior at Boston College studying marketing and journalism. She is also the head arts editor for Boston College’s newspaper, The Heights, where she’s covered the arts beat for three years. She is excited to report on a variety of beats for Framingham SOURCE this summer. You can contact her at


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