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FRAMINGHAM – Last Friday, May 21, Danielle Knieram was on her motorcycle leaving her job at the Framingham Post Office, when she was struck by a vehicle in Framingham.

“She went into cardiac arrest on scene, CPR was given and once stable enough to transport she was air cared to Mass General (hospital).  Upon arrival, she was immediately rushed to the OR where they opened her up from top of abdomen to belly button to find and locate what was causing her internal bleeding. Her spleen had ruptured, was removed,” said her sister Ashleigh Brown in establishing a GoFundMe.

Danielle, who works at the Framingham Post Office, has a son Andrew, 9, her boyfriend Keith and his daughter Kayla, 12.

“Danielle is the rock in her home and is now unable to work,” wrote her sister, and thus a reason why the GoFundMe was set up to help the family.  

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“Danielle has severe trauma to her brain, a ton of fractures and broken bones from head to toe.  She is currently on a vent.  She has currently undergone 3 procedures, two on her abdomen and one to place a device through her skull and 2 cm into her brain to monitor the intracranial pressure (ICP). The medical team keeps telling us their main priority right now is getting the swelling down and the bleeding to stop on her brain.  There will be more surgeries to come,” wrote her sister in creating a GoFundMe to help with medical and other costs to help her family.

“Danielle is a fighter,” said her sister.

Hospital staff “bring her out of sedation twice a day to do Neuro exams. She has been able to raise her right arm and lightly squeeze our fingers, move her right leg and most recently had the littlest moment on her left side. This is awesome news!! The main point of impact was her left side. They have her on a vent and sedated to allow her body to rest,” said Brown in the GoFundMe.

“She is still in critical condition and considered to be hour by hour. She is the strongest woman I know and is fighting so hard to overcome all the obstacles before her. She has a long road ahead,” said Brown.

To donate to the GoFundMe, click here.

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The Framingham Post Office is doing their own internal collection, outside of the GoFundMe, and will be giving the money raised to her family, said Bill Lynch.

“Her injuries are life-threatening. … this picture pretty much tells you everything you need to know about her,” said Lynch. “I met her family the other day, and God Bless them, they are doing better than I would be for sure.”

The driver of the vehicle who struck her was cited by Framingham Police.

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