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FRAMINGHAM – Framingham Public Schools and Natick Public Schools are partnering with V-Care Pharmacy and Metrowest Pharmacy for free community vaccine clinics. The Framingham clinic is on Saturday, May 22, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, 169 Leland Street, while the Natick vaccine clinic is on Sunday, May 23, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at 15 West Street.

The first hour of the Framingham clinic will be Sensory Friendly. From 8 to 9 a.m., children and adults with autism and other sensory disorders can access the vaccines safely and comfortably.

“I am grateful to be part of a community that rises together to care for one another as Framingham has been doing throughout this pandemic,” said Bob Tremblay, Superintendent of Framingham Public School. “The collaboration and partnerships that I have seen emerge over the last year show that with a willingness to start from ‘Yes, how do we make this happen.’ Anything is possible.”

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The COVID-19 vaccine is free. Residents can get a vaccine even without insurance, a driver’s license, or a Social Security number. Identification is not required.

“The COVID pandemic time period has been fraught with so many difficult situations,” explained  Anna P. Nolin, Superintendent of Natick Public Schools. “V-Care Pharmacy brought some good news by sponsoring a free COVID vaccine clinic for community members ages 12 and up. It’s another example of Natick community members caring for each other and taking social responsibility for the world.”

Both pharmacies are providing Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is approved for students 12 years of age and older. Students must be accompanied by a guardian/parent. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are available for anyone 18 years and older.

Parental consent forms are required for children 12+ receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Parental consent forms in multiple languages can be found at V-Care Pharmacy’s website at

Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi consent forms as well as translators will be available at both clinics.

Residents can pre-register for appointments online at V-Care Pharmacy’s website. However, appointments and pre-registration are not required. Walk-ins are welcome. Both first and second doses will be administered.

Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach group founder Nicole Doak and Metrowest Pharmacy owner Shivang Patel partnered early in the pandemic to provide help and support for community members affected by the virus. Now their focus is on organizing clinics throughout the community.

Doak organizes the clinics while Shivang Patel and V-Care Pharmacy owner Vipul Patel manage the clinical responsibilities. The clinics are supported by volunteers from Framingham Coronavirus Community Outreach group.

For both Patels, the drive to vaccinate the community is personal.

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“Like many in community, we have lost some very close family members and friends due to COVID-19. We certainly believe if the vaccines were available to them, their lives could have been saved,” explained Vipul Patel.

Shivang Patel added, “We are thankful to the Framingham and Natick School Departments for all their help in making the clinics happen. And a special thanks to all the volunteers who help support the clinics!”

The follow-up Framingham Public Schools clinic for the second vaccine will be held on Saturday, June 12, while the follow-up Natick Public Schools second-dose clinic will be held on Sunday, June 13.

According to Supt. Nolan, “The process to set up the clinic was easy on us as school leaders and is an example of kindness and civic service that has inspired us! We are so grateful at this step to help all of our students return to normal life as soon as possible.”

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